The Chicken Bride

I swear that this isn’t the start of a bad joke, at least I hope it isn’t.

If you have been around for a while you may know that I refer to my younger daughter as The Chicken. I’m sure that you are wondering why I refer to her as The Chicken, as many do, so a little back story.

When she was born the delivering doctor held her up and proclaimed that she was at least nine or ten pounds. He couldn’t prove this fact in the delivery room as the only scale in the maternity ward where she was born was located in the nursery.

The Chicken and her then boyfriend at Prom last year. Wow does a lot of stuff change in a year.

The Chicken and her then boyfriend at Prom last year. Wow does a lot of stuff change in a year.

I flatly told the doctor he was wrong. That there was no way that the baby he held in his arms weighed that much. He was surprised by my confidence and asked why I thought he was wrong.

I explained that my older daughter was nearly nine pounds and she had rolls for days. That this baby that he was holding was probably one of the thinnest babies I had ever seen. There were no rolls and her legs resembled those of a chicken. We said some other things in which I can’t remember because I had been up all night having a baby and it was nearly 5 o’clock in the morning.

What I do remember clearly is that at nearly 7 o’clock in the morning when I was just getting to sleep in my room the same doctor comes in and wakes me up to tell me that I was in fact wrong.

Apparently he had been delivering babies for nearly 30 years and was typically spot on with guesstimating birth weights on his deliveries. My flat refusal to accept his guesstimate and my reasoning why had him second guessing himself and so he followed my daughter to the nursery where he (in his own words) impatiently waited for them to clean her up and weigh her.

She was a whopping nine and a half pounds and even more astounding nearly 24 inches long! The latter would explain her lack of rolls as her sister while nearly nine pounds was only 17.5 inches long. Like I said that kid had rolls for days.

Last year The Chicken flew from the nest and next year she is getting married. It seems like just yesterday the husband was telling me that The Chicken’s then boyfriend came to ask him for permission to ask her to marry him and now the wedding is a little over a year away.

Some days I feel like I am blinking my life away because I swear just yesterday we were in that hospital room and I was staring at all of her perfect features, including those long chicken legs.

Do you have any advice for The Chicken and their fiancé as they prepare for their upcoming nuptials?

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  1. She will be a beautiful chicken bride!

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