The Agony of the Untold Story

Do you think that there is so much sadness in the world because so many of us are writers unaware? I think Maya Angelou said it best when she said that “there is no greater agony than being an untold story inside of you.”

I’ve learned over the years that I really like to talk, which is not surprising to anyone that knows me. What may be surprising is that I am painfully shy and extremely anxious in new situations which is why I excel at sharing my stories here. But then one day the stories that defined me weren’t just my stories and so I began to sit on my hands and not tell my stories at all.

And friends, let me tell you that it hurt a lot to let my voice go silent.  When people would ask what I did I would mutter something about being a writer or a content creator and then make excuses and downgrading anything I wrote. It was like I was ashamed of my story or I wasn’t worthy of sharing it.

Thankfully I had friends that prodded me along, and kept encouraging me to share my stories and telling me that people needed to hear what I had to say. But since I stopped writing everyday I became easily overwhelmed when I would sit down to actually write the words and so I didn’t.

A friend posted a photo of a running poster and talked about a calendar that Jerry Seinfeld made up to create a chain by creating one joke a day. After a while it wasn’t about the writing of the jokes, but not breaking the chain. I looked around online for giant calendars to create my own chain calendar but realized that I needed more.

I love quotes and I happened to have a 24 x 36 inch frame just hanging around the house that was screaming to be put up on the wall in my craft room. It has one of my favorite quotes and behind the quote are circles that you can color in or ‘x’ as you write each day. As you can see there are no x’s on it right now, but thanks to this post I am going to go up to the craft room and get the chain started.

Would you like to have your own copy of the print? If you click here you can download the file to your computer and print it up at home or you can send it off (I sent mine to the local Staples in town) and get it printed as a blue print, I paid under $6 for mine.

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