My teenagers find me Insta-annoying because I get to go the Big Apple and speak and BlogHer

So you know how I promised here to write the Twenty Six Miles Later post. And I will just tell you now that is has nothing to do with 28 days later and has more to do with road trip fun and zero zombies. I know,I know, no zombies then why even bother coming back to read the rest of the epic saga. But trust me you will want to come back and find out why Nichole is no longer allowed to book us rooms anywhere every again.

I’ve missed so much due to the fact that I have been in overdrive (or something like that) right now I am in New York City hanging out with 4500 of my closest friends, suffering from Conference Menstruation Syndrome yet again this year, and getting ready to speak on a really awesome panel on Saturday morning on Instagram.  And I will be learning lots of great things from my co-panelists about Google+ and Pinterest.

Just a side note that when I was asked to be on the Google+, Pinterest and Instagram panel my exact email back to Mr. Lady was “Crap, people are going to want to attend that session.”

Since I am going to be speaking on Instagram I figured that I would do a little series on what I will be talking about here at BlogHer so that those of you at home or those who found my little place in the interwebs through the panel (hey there!!! Welcome!) could learn all that I know about Instagram.

We will explore the Instabasics, Instaediting, and Instaposting and cover some other InstaAwesome stuff.  (Okay maybe I am way overusing the Insta, but whatever I am totally insta-allowed…okay maybe not)

But soon enough you will have the awesome skills needed to take shots like this while shopping and totally annoy your younger teenager in the process.  It’s a win-win!

If you don’t want me to take weird photos of your face, dear Chicken, perhaps you shouldn’t tempt me with shiny, reflective glasses.

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Disclosure-all opinions stated here are my own.

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Learning to stand on my feet at Type A Con

Ever since I returned from my road trip of epic proportions {more on that another day} and Type A Conference my brain has been swirling.  It doesn’t help that I have two teenage daughters who seem to be sprinting towards adulthood no matter how much I try to ask them to slow down.

One of the biggest things that I learned is to….

Downtown Charlotte Arts District

…stand confidently behind my words.  To write for myself and not write what others expect me to write.  To be proud of myself and not shirk when someone asks me what I do.

At Type A Con I learned that if I am not passionate about what I write about, how can I evoke that same passion in someone else.  To put it simply, I can’t.

Aside from taking photos at the conference as one of the photographers, I got to wear a new hat, or rather ribbon this time around.

The green ribbon that I got to wear proudly at Type A Con

I will admit that while I love photography and I am passionate about taking pictures, I was sort of freaking out about speaking to people about it.  I suppose I should really get used to speaking because I will have to do it all over again when I talk Instagram at BlogHer in just three weeks.

I am so excited to start fresh in this new place. (I know it looks the same, but many thanks to Twenty70 hosting for moving everything over to WordPress and getting me all set up-I still can’t believe I only pay you $5 a month!) (Also it looks like the special that I got for $5 a month is now $10 a month for those signing up but sooooo worth it, Kelly is awesome!)

So did you go to Type A Conference? What did you feel like you most walked away with a better grasp of? Are you going to BlogHer?

edited to add-linking up here with the other Type A Conference posts

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