Why my January mantra became Just Finish it Already

After months of living on an island, which I swear I will talk a bit more about soon, there was an adjustment period of getting reacquainted with my house and all of the things in it. Before we left for the season I started purging and staging the rooms in their new roles. Fellow emptynesters will understand as the rooms in their homes become these weird stained voids of life in the house where life once was. (I mean don’t get me started on that weird hard stain in the carpet that was smack in the middle of where the Chicken kept her bed that sat directly on the floor.) Suddenly you have rooms for all of these things that you’ve had to tuck into corners or in high spaces so that the kids didn’t ruin them because you would get back to them Someday.

Well friends, my Someday has come.

One of the things that I have been working on as I figure out Who Heather Is is doing stuff that brings me joy and living my life apologetically. Crafting, whether it be crafting words, relationships with people, or just crafting things brings me joy. But I had a hard time of letting go of that joy and so things sat unfinished because I couldn’t bear to give them away for fear that they wouldn’t be good enough. Case in point Moo the Unicorn aka Rainbow Cuddles the Unicorn by 1DogWoof

This poor unicorn has been in a partially bald larval state for nearly two years. I was excited to crochet my second toy and thought it would be perfect for the granddaughter’s first birthday. After I finished the body and head I let some mistakes I made in the parts that were done stop me from making the legs. Fear that somehow my granddaughter would some how reject this unicorn if the legs weren’t all the same size and looked just like the pattern kept me from finishing it for over two years.

I’m happy to share that Moo is no longer in her larval state and is happily living her best life with the granddaughter in a room with a slide. And many more of the projects that I had started are getting their finishing touches. I have a baby blanket that I am putting together for my soon to be here great niece from squares I created while sitting in waiting rooms while my mother had therapy after her strokes. The love and prayer in each one of those stitches that will wrap around that little babe just has me feeling all of the joy. She won’t care that the squares aren’t even, she will just feel all of the love.

If you check out my Instafeed I will share the things as I finish them because I want 2019 to be full of FOs of Joy! (FO stands for Finished Object)

Now for my notes on the pattern with some affiliate links, disclaimer which means if you click and buy I get rewarded and since I am new at this I am not even sure how. But onto the supplies: I used the recommended Red Heart Yarn in colors white and petal pink for the body. I did the curlies all over for the mane and tail and used Red Heart Stripes in the Retro colorway so I didn’t have to worry about getting multiple skeins of yarn. I followed her directions and the pattern was very easy for a beginner pattern reader and toy maker to execute. My issues came from my inexperience and my lack of stitch markers when I was making some of the pieces. I would probably make this again and I have made several patterns from this designer. Check out her site and her Instafeed if you love fun crochet projects.

What are you working on? Be sure to let me know in the comments and don’t forget to follow me over on Insta, I love getting to “see” all of my pocket friends.

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And in the end I will probably just have an elephant……

I feel like I have a gun to my head because my dear friend, Nichole, is making me write a post because apparently one can’t go five months in between posts and still be considered actively blogging.

I realize that she is just pressuring me because she loves me and this drivel that I spout out here and there.  Maybe she wants to make sure that I didn’t get eaten by zombies and that I survived the scariest “hotel” room in the history of rooms.  I mean I could practically hear the screechy horror music in my head and when I went to the bathroom I made sure that the shower curtain was wide open and that the door was partially cracked, but she should know all the answers to these questions, as she was right there with me apologizing the whole way. Perhaps she is concerned that I got lost in the Big Apple or got kidnapped by a band of gypsies at the airport from my many delays getting home, but again she knows because she is sitting right next to me knitting her little heart out.

Being unplugged felt good, but then after a while I wanted to return and I couldn’t.  But then one day I wanted to come back and I couldn’t reach the plug and I looked for my extension cord. I looked high and low for that stupid cord and no matter how hard I tugged and tugged I just couldn’t get the words to come out and to get plugged back in.

Hell, I was even getting called out by The Chicken on my lack of writing up in this space.

I realized that freelancing is hard stuff, especially the whole being your own boss thing. It’s hard to carve out a living for yourself and  I do much better with someone telling me what to do and when they want me to do it (most of the time anyways).

So much has happened in the five months I have been gone…..

I realized that I was married to the most unobservant man on the planet when I came home from BlogHer with a pierced nose and he didn’t say anything about it for over a week!

I have been married longer than I wasn’t.

I had a fabulous girls weekend with Nichole & Amanda.

I saw how milk gets from the cow to the table.

The Chicken is taller than I am.

Giggles is now and adult and as of yesterday she had completed all of the requirements to graduate from high school.

Speaking of high school….The Chicken is now in it!

Barney no longer eats underwear cro.tches….well, most days.

I upgraded my phone to an iPhone 5 and I LOVE it!

And….I got a big girl job.  I had been subbing for our local school district doing various tasks (mostly secretarial) and at the end of November they offered me a position  that started two weeks ago.  I have a salary, benefits, and work 12 months out of the year.  It has been crazy, but oh so fulfilling.

I want to be here, I miss it so much but it seems like there isn’t enough time to do it all.  I thought of a reward system where I could do so many posts a month so I could get the next charm on my charm bracelet, but I am pretty sure in the end I would still just have an elephant.

If I can make my way back from the edge of an island, I can do anything.


Disclosure: I bought the charm bracelet with my own monies and Lisa doesn’t even know that I am blogging about it today.  But it’s lovely and you should totally go get one for yourself.


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