Stages of Parenting

It’s an odd feeling being a parent of children yet also being an empty-nester. It’s so weird being part of someone’s day to day life and then all of the sudden you’re not.

To being the person your child depended on for their life to wondering if you are texting too much and not giving them enough space. And then wondering about too much space.

I feel like I am walking some invisible mine field of parenting that no one ever warned me about and that Cat Steven’s song that you heard over and over as a kid suddenly makes you get all misty and makes so much sense.

Mom who has it all togetherOne day you are making a quick mainland trip and feeling guilty about not telling your kids that you’d be on their side of the lake and you see a plate on the car at the stop light in front of you. (see car photo)

If you look at the license plate you will see that it says CEO MOM.


I have so many questions, mainly what does this mean?

Is she a CEO and also a MOM?

Is she the MOM of a CEO?

Or is she the CEO of this gig we called motherhood? I mean I joke about the motherhood handbook and how my copy must have gotten lost and suddenly  I may be behind the person that I could have complained to and maybe gotten an autographed copy from her glove box or something?

Maybe by some long shot she will read this post and comment below to let us know what her plate means.

It feels like whatever “stage” of parenting you are in is the weirdest. My husband says that we aren’t in any stage of parenting now and that we are retired. I don’t think you are ever not teaching your children as they are always going to look to you for guidance just by watching your life.

How you do feel? What stage of parenting are you in? How can I help encourage you?


I’m currently listening to this.

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  1. I think the hubby is wrong and you can tell him so. We are never retired. I think I learned this from my mom oddly enough. If I didn’t then I must be a super genius because with B being gone I haven’t stopped worrying. Remind me to tell you about my log range super mom powers.

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