Flash Back Friday-The Fish Incident Edition

Do you have crazy stories from your childhood that are almost too crazy to be true?

With a dad like mine, I have more than I can count. Which is good for you to start your Fridays laughing out loud at my childhood.

Because seriously, if I didn’t laugh I would probably cry.

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When I think of my dad* I always smile and laugh. I don’t know if he realized that he was going to pass away so young and that’s why he did the crazy stuff he did so that I would have these awesome stories to share with my kids or well….. I am just going to go with the ‘he wanted to leave a legacy of awesome stories behind.’ for us.

These stories are in no particular order and when they run out, they run out. (altho trust me they won’t run out anytime soon)

Growing up we didn’t ‘like’ the gas company.

I had no idea that when you didn’t like the gas company it was because you didn’t pay your bill.

Looking back this would explain all of the crazy looks I would get when people would ask why we didn’t have a furnace and I would reply “My parents don’t like the gas company so we use electric heaters” (And just in case you were wondering….we love the gas company and the gas company loves us-I am sure they would love us more if we kept our house warmer than 67, but what are you going to do)

So instead of a furnace we had little electric heaters that were placed in different areas of our house throughout the day. The bathroom always had a heater in it and the other ones got shuffled around from here to there.

One weekend I decided I wanted to buy a fish bowl and some mollies, so I did. The problem being that the bowl would get kind of slushy during the day when I didn’t have the heater in my room. So I asked if I bought an electric heater for my room would it stay in my room. My parents agreed that if I paid for it, they would let me keep it in my room and it wouldn’t get shuffled into the ‘community’ of heaters.

Christmas break came and I was going to my biological father’s house for Christmas break for at least a week. I reminded my parents that I had purchased my heater and I needed it to stay in my room so that it would keep my fish happy in its bowl. I also asked that they feed the fish at least once a day so it wouldn’t die.

My parents agreed that they wouldn’t take my heater and they would feed my fish. I made them promise to do what I asked. They assured me that my plan would be followed to at T. I say goodbye to my mollies and pack up my bag to visit my father’s house.

I am not sure when they decided that they wanted my heater out of my room and to this day my mom swears up and down that she had no clue that my dad took it. But given the fact that my fish bowl was frozen SOLID when I got home, I am guessing early on. I call my dad into my room.

“I thought I asked you not to take the heater out of my room, Dad, ” I tell him.

“I didn’t. Look its right there, Heather. And I fed your fish too,” he replied pointing to the pile of fish flakes sitting on top of the ice and in layers underneath it.

“Dad, this bowl is frozen solid, ” as I am saying this I am pushing on the ice to show my point. “I don’t know when you brought this heater back in here, but it wasn’t soon enough.”

He grabs the heater and puts it on the dresser, turns it on high and blasts it right at the fish bowl. “Look, just let this blow on that for a bit and the water will thaw out, no problem.”

“Dad, there is a HUGE problem, the fish is frozen, ” I complain back to him.

“Heather, the ice will thaw and that fish will be good as new, I don’t understand what the problem is.”

“The PROBLEM is the fact that we aren’t running a cryogenics lab in here and my fish is dead!” I wailed

“Look!” My dad yells at me sternly “The fish will thaw and don’t ever curse at me again.” and he walks out of my room.

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  1. Heather says:

    That's a riot 🙂 Were the fish good as new when they thawed?

  2. sadly no, as they thawed they slowly rose to the service.

  3. Ha! Sorry about your fish, but that's a great story.

    And brr…. a frozen fishbowl means it must've been COLD in your house, even with an electric heater!

  4. I am trying really hard not to laugh. Sorry love.

    It's a bad, yet still funny story.

  5. cryogenic fish preservation – LOL!!!!

  6. OMG, wow frozen fish. That's crazy!

  7. LOL – too good!


  8. The following fish incident happened recently to my sister. She is an Oxfam project director so has been to many unusual places. Currently she is in Indonesia.

    She went swimming with friends and afterwards felt she had an earful of water. When she shook it, out came a very tiny, very dead little fish … EEewwww!

  9. I love how your mother knew what was up and was not claiming any responsibility for moving that heater! HA! Hope you were able to get a new fish that didn't freeze…

  10. Ok I am glad you cleared it up in the comments, because I was DYING to know if the fish was alive.

    And now I know.

  11. Oh no! The poor Fishys!

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