You Capture-Doorways

This week over at Beth’s place the challenge word was Doorways.

About Tuesday I realized that I hadn’t really given any thought to the challenge and so I went around my house looking at the doorways.

We live in a turn of the century house and I love that we have the original doors and the beautiful glass knobs. I never thought to take a photo of the doorknob before, but I am glad that I did because this shot makes me so happy.


I took many photos of the glass door knobs from different angles, but that one right there was my favorite.

Then just by happen chance I was at my best friend’s the next morning keeping an eye on her younger kiddos for her when I looked out the backdoor to see the most glorious puffy snowflakes falling from the sky. I immediately grabbed my camera.

When shooting snowflakes you have to have your focus on manual so you can focus on the snowflakes and not the tree behind them. Catching snowflakes falling while focusing on manual can be a bit tricky, but I am so in love with this shot.


This shot is also straight out of the camera (SOOC)

By thinking outside of the box a little bit I know have two beautiful shots that I love and are now part of my Project 365 in 2011.

So how about you? Did you capture any great things from doorways this week?

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Wordless Wednesday-The Teenie Tiny Pup Edition

I am sure it is super hard to be this cute.



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Son of Brittany-pup of Brittany’s mom

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Wordless Wednesday-Spring has sprung

All in a row
Here they are-all in a row. 
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