maybe mommy guilt isn’t so bad after all

Going back to work, or rather going to work outside of the home for the first time on a full-time basis has really had me wracked with a bad case of the mommy guilt. No matter how old your children are, you can still have a huge case of mommy guilt.

I feel the worse for The Chicken. She’s 15 and her sister works most days, so she is spent hanging out at the house with the dog. And while Barney might be a crazy party animal eating the cr*otches out of all of our panties at night, apparently by day she is pretty lame and just sleeps on my bed. So while The Chicken isn’t living it up with a wild and crazy dog during the day, this does explain the mystery of bed always being covered in dog fur that is  driving The Husband crazy.

I’m not sure what The Chicken was trying to accomplish with this video, but when she showed it to my friend the other day proclaiming of all the fun she was having while I was at work each day; I admit I felt really bad. Then I had her send me the video because I really wasn’t sure exactly what was going on in it and friends, I laughed harder than I have laughed in a really long time watching it.

The Chicken throws a party from Heather Durdil on Vimeo.

So going back to work has been a huge adjustment for our family, it has given us some great laughs as well.