They Do Work Together

Picture a late night with one of your really good friends.  Laptops are open, the creative juices are flowing, the kids are in bed {you know aside from the teenagers that are at after-prom}….in short a perfect blogging evening.

I break open my Macbook Pro only to find that it won’t connect to the internet.  No biggie, the poor thing is nearly nine years old, and my dear friend has a back up computer.  So instead of losing my ever loving mind trying to get the Macbook working, she gives me her work laptop to use.

The track pad is jumpy and it won’t see photos that I need for some posts.  In short it is making me want to chuck it out the window.  But, alas, the windows are closed and it’s not my computer.  I try and I try some more to no avail….this stupid computer is sucking the life out of me.  So much so that when my friend posts on Facebook about all of the late night writing we will be getting done, I proclaim the computers sitting in front of me to be wiener heads.  That’s right…wiener heads.

Then I look up and that’s when I realized that these computers are conspiring against me to keep me from updating my blog.  Yes, that’s right I totally just threw a couple of computers under the figurative bus because sadly Nichole lives out in the country and not too many buses pass by her front door and I am pretty sure that the Amish would just drive their buggy around it while cursing the English.

So one Mac and one PC {a Dell to be exact} are talking to each other and conspiring against me…’s either that or well, I just don’t want to think of the alternative.

Truth on a Saturday {2}

Have you ever had a friend or family member question your beliefs? Have you tried to explain The Truth behind your convictions only to be met with blank stares and sometimes words that hurt your heart?

Friends, I will admit that this has been happening to me a lot more lately than I would care to admit.  It seems like the closer I am getting to Him the harder it is to explain why.  I get defensive, I get upset, I try to explain to my husband that it is like someone is questioning my love for him or why we have such a good marriage.  It baffles me as to why someone would argue so vehemently with me about my love for my God & Savior.

Love for Him, love for others, without love I am bankrupt.

My friends, I am excited, as I have really prayed about this and wondered what to do and then I saw this:

1 Corninthians 1:12

For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 1 Corninthians 1:12

I want everyone to see the Power of God and to not perish.  I want their eyes to be opened to see the beauty of everything around them. This is my prayer today.

So friend, what is your prayer today.  What truth is He speaking into your life? I would love to hear about it!


photo was taken with my iPhone 5 using the Afterglow app and the Over app.

Tuesday Tunes on a Thursday

Typically each week my friend, Amanda, from High Impact Mom shares what she is listening to each Tuesday through a meme she calls Tuesday Tunes.   Of course, the week that I decide to play along she didn’t put her post up; I think I shall blame this on the fact that I didn’t get around to sharing my tune until Thursday.  Totally plausible, right?

If you don’t know most of the music that I listen to when I have full control of the radio or Pandora list in my car or office is mostly Contemporary Christian with some other music tossed in for good measure.  Music is a huge factor for me in worship; certain songs really speak to me and I listen to the lyrics (unlike my husband who claims not to hear a single word that is sung in a song but likes the beat better)

Recently this song, by for King and Country has really been speaking to me.  It has been stuck in my head and it doesn’t help that whenever I am in the car The Fish decides to play it.

Let my life be the proof, the proof of Your LOVE!

This phrase, stanza, whatever it is (dear golly I hope my former choir director never reads my post and shakes his head that I can’t remember what a chunk of music is called.  I’m sorry Dr. J) gets stuck in my head and I find myself humming it, closing my eyes and savoring it bouncing around in my head, and on occasion I belt it out in my car driving down the road.  The message, Love, is something that I think  no matter what you believe, is important.

Without Love I am Bankrupt.

So what songs are speaking to you this week?