You Capture-The Green Edition

This week Beth gave us a choice over at You Capture. We could chose Green, Chairs or Hands.

I seriously wasn’t sure what I was going to do until we got over to Put in Bay for the weekend.

Immediatly my eye was drawn to all the green that surrounded us. Last time I was there things were just beginning to bloom and now there was color and green in every direction that I looked.

I love that Black Eyed Susans start off with green eyes.
Green Eyes

I love the afternoon glow in the apple orchard.
Basking in the Sun

I love how playing with depth of field and shutter speed can result in this.
Drops after a Shower

I loved playing a game of pool with my younger daughter. For not really playing by the rules it was so much fun!
Fun on Felt

I loved stepping out of my box and shooting from the hip and forever cherishing the results.
A Different View of the Same Shore

You Capture-The I Really Can’t Read but Somehow Play a Writer on the Interwebs Edition

This week’s theme is ‘Get Down Low’

I read really fast, and if you don’t know a lot of fast reading is really just skimming and letting your mind fill in the rest. It gets me in trouble more often than I care to admit. It shows me that I really have the mind of teenager that is always thinking in the gutter. It messes me up when I am trying to play along with weekly photo themes.
What is really sad is I went to Beth’s place like three times this past week to check the theme for this week to make sure I was right. I thought the theme was ‘From Below’ and seriously folks…I thought wrong.
So while they aren’t exactly with the theme, they were inspired by reading what I thought I was reading. Aren’t you glad that my mind wasn’t in the gutter when I was reading Beth’s post. Beth probably is. Or at least relieved not to have gotten the ‘Are you seriously out of your mind, what kind of sick weirdo asks people to post photos like that’ Email.
Okay, maybe I am glad, because I like Beth. I met her once and while it wasn’t long I would like to meet her again and not have her running away and calling hotel security on me to boot.
So without any further babbling on my part….my ‘From Below’ Photos.

Looking At Home Differently

Looking up to Her Beauty

On My Way to the Top

Lighting in the Shade

Beneath the Rose

You Capture-Water

We have had a lot of rain this week. Not the torrential downpours that we had last week, but sweet mists here and there.

I love taking photos of the rain drops clinging to things and boy do we have a lot of weeds things for the rain drops to cling to in our backyard.

I took Oscar outside and there were millions of drip and drops of water everywhere. But amongst the water I noticed him.

I shall forever call him Steve.

I'll Call Him Steve

I knew I would never get close enough to him with the 50mm lens, so I went in the house and grabbed my 30D that had my 75-300 lens attached to it.

Adjusted the settings for being outside and got this one perfect shot. I told Steve I thought we had captured a perfect shot and he must have clicked the button on his transporter because not only did I not see him leave, he didn’t disturb any of the water on the leaves around him.

So while the focal point isn’t exactly water in this shot, water inspired it and made me jump out of my comfort zone a bit because I rarely use my 30D and I used it in Manual to boot (which is totally different than my xSi on Manual…trust me)

Want more eye candy? Head on over to Beth’s place and check out the water inspiration.