My Friend FireMom-Alternately titled How Jenna doesn’t really want the Steelers to Win Super Bowl XLV

I would like to introduce you to my friend and fellow Ohioan, Jenna.

I am not sure exactly how I met Jenna, but I am pretty sure that it was through our mutual obsession love of Photography.

At first it started with comments on each others blogs, then tweets on twitter, then emails and somewhere in the middle of all that we met up at an event hosted by Cheryl & Co in Columbus.

She is witty and kind.

She rocks my socks off with some of the amazing photos that she takes.

In one words she is Awesome, except for her one little problem.

Steelers Family

She claims to love the Steelers.

Now I guess I can accept this fact because she is from PA, but for her husband, a native Ohioan, this is just not okay.

I know what you are thinking, how can I discriminate against someone based on the color of their jersey, it is the 21st century and all.

The answer is simple my friends, history.

I live on the outskirts of Cleveland. Home to the Cleveland Browns.

The fans here are so loyal that we actually sued Art Modell so that we could keep our name when he took the team and moved it to Baltimore, so that we could use the name again three years later when our team was “reactivated.”

In some fan’s eyes the Browns-Steelers rivalry is equal to, if not worse than, the Ohio State-Michigan Rivalry that has been going on since the late 1800s.

Given the history you have to understand that I closely examine my Steelers (and Michigan) friends well. I need to make sure that they are worthy of the looks I may get or the names I could get called because of my befriending the ‘enemy.’

My first glaringly obvious clue came about when I took their family photos.

Exhibit A.


Her family is donning the great orange & brown.

They were fall photos though, so maybe I was reading too much into things.

Then there was this.

Exhibit B


Clearly her husband and boys are trying to represent their Steelers while Jenna clearly is rooting for the Brownies.

I mean, look how she totally upstaged that photo and really let the Brown & Orange shine.

I am sure that she will defend herself in the comments, saying it was a fluke or that the clothes were super on sale.

She might even claim that I made her jump in the foreground* of the photo.

But my whole world was turned upside down when I found this.

Clearly she wants the Packers to take the win today and she has since late 2009.

*I did in fact ask Jenna to jump in that photo and the end result is something that is full of awesome.

I did steal these photos from her flickr stream, although the ones with my watermark on them are photos that Jenna paid me to take of her family-so in a word I didn’t exchange awesome photos for an awesome post about her. (feel free to hire my awesomeness)

Jenna knows that I love her and that this post was brewing as it was going to be written for the Browns-Steelers game in December but there was just too much going on and clearly it is much funner to harass your friends when their team in playing in the Super Bowl with the possibility of becoming *cough*not gonna happen*cough* this year’s champs

Lastly…Blissdom posts are coming this week, you know if you were waiting on those.