You Capture-The Magical Landing Edition

The landing going to the upstairs in a magical place mid morning.

Everything seems to just radiantly glow.

This is part of the reason why I haven’t put a curtain on the window the said landing.

Well that and and my laziness.

So the other morning when I noticed the cat hanging out there I had to snap a couple of quick shots.

But totally ignore the shredded up carpet to the left of the cat, it is something that she just won’t leave alone.

And since I am really wanting to rip that carpet off the stairs, I sort of don’t mind. Much

Here is the cat in a private moment.
A Private Moment

And the glare I got when she noticed I was interupting her private moment.
Rudely Interupted

And Oscar, because what post would this be about the landing if it didn’t have him peeking around the corner of it.
Oscar Aglow

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