Wordless Wednesday-Shots Through A Chainlink Fence Edition

She's on First
Going For Second
She's nearly safe!
She Scores!

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Looking into those eyes

I always think of The Chicken as my baby. She got that nickname because of her long chicken legs when she was an infant.

I know that I probably baby her more than I should. There is just something about knowing something is your last that makes you savor it all that much more.

And then I see a photo like this and I get a glimpse of the woman that she is rapidly becoming and it takes my breath away and makes me want to curl up in a corner rocking back & forth in denial, all at the same time.


Dearest Chicken, I love you and love to see the woman that you are becoming, but you really don’t need to change into her too quickly.

Her Acoustic Christmas

Ariel has wanted a guitar for what seems like years now.

She bought one a couple years back for $7 on clearance at Wally World.

She then let it become buried in her room under heaps and mounds of clothes.

Let’s just say the ending for that particular guitar wasn’t pretty.

So about two months ago she really starts talking up getting a guitar. She’s got it all figured out.

She will get the guitar for Christmas and one of her friends who already owns a guitar and takes guitar lessons will teach her how to play. Because in her mind her friend is further along than she is so why wouldn’t he be able to teach her.

Her grandfather (Jeremy’s step dad) gives her a gift card to the Guitar Center and some cash for Christmas.

She was so excited but told her grandpa that she saw an excellent purple electric guitar at Big Lots for only $75. He convinces her to at least look around Guitar Center and if she still wants the Big Lots guitar he will buy back her gift card.

The day after Christmas she is begging me to take her out to get her guitar, but I know that Jeremy’s Navy buddy is coming to visit for the night and next day and he actually gets paid to play guitar. I convince her to wait.

I enjoyed watching Tim & Ariel wander around in the Acoustic Room trying out different guitars and finally settling on the one that was ‘Tim approved’

acoustic christmas

Not bad for 149

Giving it a Test Strum

And finally watching them ‘jam’ together before he had to hit the road again.
Acoustic Instruction