And then you turned fifteen

I have no idea why, but when I type out the word fifteen it just seems like you aren’t as old as when I punch those numbers 1 & 5.

I am sure that I will cherish fifteen more, say when you are sixteen.

You have grown up right before our eyes. When going through all the photos of the past fifteen years it was just amazing to me how far you have come. Especially in the last few years. One day you were a little kid and then you turned into this beautiful young woman in front of me.

Alexis, you my love, will always have a special place in my heart. Not only did you make me a mother and show me what it was like to love someone more than you thought was possible with out your heart bursting, but you helped to make an otherwise depressing day, the second anniversary of my Grandma’s death, for me a really great anniversary of your birth.

I have to think that, or I might not forgive you for those long five and a half weeks past your due date that you decided to just hang out and gestate.

Funny how when you write out five and a half weeks it doesn’t seem any shorter than it was.

You gave me strength to do things I never thought I could do. Because of your lateness, your dad went off to bootcamp, so I delivered you alone. Sure, Grandma & Grandpa were with me, but it just wasn’t the same. But I do admit that when you met your dad six and a half weeks later that it made it that much more sweet to see him. I moved all over the country far away from my family & out of the small town that I grew up in so that we could be a family. I endured months at a time with your father away from us, single parenting it, sometimes to a new place where I knew no one at all.

You forced me to step off the wall & find some friends so I could let you be sociable. I really thank you for that.

I could write and write all the ways that you have changed my life, but I won’t. Not today.

I want to get upstairs and enjoy the evening with youbecause you are watching all our DVR’d episodes of Desparate Housewives without me.

Just remember that all fifteen year olds don’t start off their birthday with school getting cancelled due to a power outage. I doubt that sixteen will start off the same way.

I love you honey-thank you for fifteen great years……here’s to many, many more!

Year Fifteen from Heather Durdil on Vimeo.