Haiku Friday-The Us edition

We started off so young
Not fully being adults yet
We were so unsure
We were unsure of
what kind of adult we’d be
being teens ourselves.
Oh how we have grown
Oh all the places we’ve been
Life was a challenge
Thanks for being you
For letting me find myself
I really like “her”
hubby & me

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Haiku Friday-Husbands & Photography Do Mix Edition

My darling husband.

My first digital camera.
Together at last. 
The day I got her
I pondered the fate of him.
And then thought of my love.
Do you know that he
has not owned a camera since
before he could drive.
I found the manual
It was like handing him the keys-
His eyes full of glee.
He has a good eye.
I can’t wait to see his shots-
My love-His Camera.

Hubby & His Camera

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Time flies

us in color
Yesterday was my wedding annivesary, I should say our wedding anniversary. Our 14th wedding anniversary to be exact! I can’t believe how much time has passed by, but in the same way-how little time has passed since we were married that cold Saturday morning in 1995. 
Hubby was in bootcamp and proposed to me in a letter he wrote me. My mom had mixed feelings about us getting married, as I recently had Giggles and I was only 17 years old. I was determined to marry Jeremy and so I served up my mom an ultimatium. 
Let me marry him now while I am still underage or in 3 months I will leave and marry him & who knows when and if I will see you again. 
Looking back I am sure my mom was just doing what she thought best. If Giggles or The Chicken were in the same situation would I sign for them to get married? Would I make them wait? I am hoping that these are questions that I will never have the answer for. 
Do I love my husband? Absolutely! I love him more now than I think I did then. This morning as he was getting ready for work he said the same about me. I think back then we thought we were in love & the driving force for us getting married was Giggles. We wanted to prove everyone wrong & show them that we could “do it”
Life was hard, but I think that has made us stronger, closer, and our relationship that much deeper. 

Happy Belated Anniversary, Honey. 
I love you like no other and I am forever yours!!
hand shot