You Capture-The Green Edition

This week Beth gave us a choice over at You Capture. We could chose Green, Chairs or Hands.

I seriously wasn’t sure what I was going to do until we got over to Put in Bay for the weekend.

Immediatly my eye was drawn to all the green that surrounded us. Last time I was there things were just beginning to bloom and now there was color and green in every direction that I looked.

I love that Black Eyed Susans start off with green eyes.
Green Eyes

I love the afternoon glow in the apple orchard.
Basking in the Sun

I love how playing with depth of field and shutter speed can result in this.
Drops after a Shower

I loved playing a game of pool with my younger daughter. For not really playing by the rules it was so much fun!
Fun on Felt

I loved stepping out of my box and shooting from the hip and forever cherishing the results.
A Different View of the Same Shore

Weekly Winners-My baby sister is engaged Edition

My little sister and her fiance are getting married in October.

Saturday we met up to shoot her engagement shots for the paper & the save the date cards, and well….because
engagement shoots are fun, especially when they agree to go tromping through the snow for my amusement.

I love this one, it really shows her personality.

I love that she started laughing in this one.

She is so happy and I love how it shows.

They were so fun, I don’t know that all of my clients would go tromping through the snow.

You can see her joy

You can see his happiness

And you can just feel their love.

I look forward to shooting these moments for the rest of their lives.

For more photo goodness go over and check out I Am Lotus for Weekly Winners.

I Heart Faces-The Outtake Edition

This week’s theme over at I Heart Faces is Hilarious Outtakes.
I have my fair share of outtakes, but here are some of the funnier ones.
In the fall I did a family shoot with these girls in the park. I gave them the letters to spell out love.
The older one wasn’t sure why we were holding up Love because that wasn’t her name and the younger one….
Having fun with Love
Next up are my niece and nephew getting their photo taken for our annual grandkids Christmas shoot over at my mom’s.
My nephew normally gives me a hard time, but this time my niece just kept screaming “Jeff!!!!!”
(p.s. there was no Jeff in the room)
I say smile you scream Jeff.
Love this one of best friend and her family-in order for us to get the kiddos to do a smiley photo we had to do this one…
Family of Funny Faces
And lastly we have Brittany’s clan.
I so love that her daughter looks like she could kick butt and take names while her brother’s are smiling angelically.
Her Brothers' Keeper