A letter to my baby as she turns 12

Dearest Ariel,

I will never forget the morning you were born. It was late as I had been up since the night before walking the halls. It was also a special cherished time. Not because you were coming into the world, but that I got to share this experience with your dad.

He wasn’t there when Alexis was born as he was in bootcamp. Listening to him cry tears over the phone of apology because he couldn’t be with me when she was born just tore me to pieces. I made him promise that even if he had to dive off the side of the ship to be there with me that he wouldn’t miss our next child’s birth.

He didn’t let me down.

After you were born he loved to sit in the hospital room with his shirt off and you just laying on his chest. Watching you two together made my heart smile. I could just see the bond forming between the two of you and it is still there to this day.

I can’t believe you are twelve. It seems like just yesterday you were getting your first pair of glasses, learning how to ride your bike, going to your first day of school. I just can’t fathom it.

You make my days brighter being a part of our lives. You are always so giving and kind. You always are thinking of others before yourself. That makes me proud, dear girl.

I know sometimes I get frustrated with you, know that its me most of the time, not you. Except when you don’t turn in your homework and then that it totally on you!

I hope that in your 12th year you will savor your life and I will savor this last year of the non teen years with you.

I love you sweet girl.

Love, Mom