Flashback Friday-The Geauga Lake Edition plus a deal for YOU!

Growing up my parents had businesses. Lots of businesses. Specifically businesses that worked well without snow.

So growing up in Ohio with my parents and their seasonal businesses, well, the money flowed a lot easier in the summertime when the work flowed as well. And in the wintertime things like hating the gas company became a bit standard.

But the summertime was pure bliss and sadly I don’t remember much of it.

I remember always going to Sea World when it was in Aurora, Ohio and also to Geauga Lake, which was right next to Sea World.

Dad said he always liked going because it made us kids happy, kept us out of his thinning hair, and they served beer. What more could a guy ask for.

I remember the drive was long but we would stay at either of the parks well beyond dusk and would get home sometime around midnight sometimes asleep or sometimes still high off of our cotton candy buzzes.

The last time I was at Geuaga Lake, well….I honestly couldn’t tell you.

The last time I was at Sea World was when I was about seven months pregnant with Giggles. My mom would decide every now and again that we needed to go and off we went. I remember getting the little cups full of fish to feed to the dolphins and how once I lost a watch feeding the said dolphins. (Although I didn’t lose the watch on my very pregnant trip there)

I always thought that I would be able to go back there someday with my family and enjoy the same sights and smells as I did in my youth. But, alas that wasn’t part of the plan.

Sea World closed, as did Geauga Lake. It seemed like they re-opened a time or two but before I could get the girls there it seemed like they were closed again. In 2008 Geauga Lake’s Wildwater Kingdom opened soley as a waterpark.

Imagine my surprise when I was contacted by Geauga Lake’s Wildwater Kingdom asking if I would like to bring my family to the park to enjoy a day seeing what they had to offer.

We jumped on it! I was so excited to take my girls to Geauga Lake to see what they had to offer.

We went this past Sunday and coincendally my best friend and her family were going that day as well.

The boys (her husband and mine) were excited to tackle the water park together.

We arrived shortly after the park had opened and made our way to the gate. It was a bit cool that day with light sprinkles here and there, but since the sun kept peeking out, we decided to brave it and enjoy ourselves.

The first thing I noticed was how friendly each staff person was that we encountered. They were all smiling and helpful. The lifeguards were amazing. I could probably go on and on about how diligent they were and how they took their job so seriously. (I later found out that the training that the Lifeguards receive is the highest standard of care in the industry)

Here we are in the Kiddie Area of the Park enjoying a big of a swim.

Fun at Wild Water Kingdom

Another amazing thing is that the water always seemed like the perfect tempature. I seriously was not cold until I stopped riding on the slides.

The food seemed reasonably priced and was quite tasty, well the stuff that we tried.

I do have to say that my girls did become a bit bored after the day went on because while the attractions are great, there aren’t that many of them. But the kiddie part of the Park was AMAZING!! My best friend said she could hang out there all day with the kids and enjoy it (and she pretty much did!)

She enjoyed it so much that she is thinking of getting a season pass for her family next year.

I could see coming back, especially with their Platinum Passes as they are good at any Cedar Fair Park.

The one depressing thing was that you could see the old Geauga Lake. Now I know that it isn’t any fault of the new Wildwater Kingdom but it was depressing for me to look across the lake to see some of the old rides and other things basically overgrown and wasting away. But like I said, that is just me.

All in all I think that it was great fun to go and if you have younger ones that would enjoy their Kiddie Park then its a wonderful place to go.

For those of you who are local you only have 5 more days before the park closes (this weekend and next) so if you decide to go please take advantage of the coupon below to get $5 off your admission to the park.

Coupon_Domestic Extraordinaire

Disclosure: I was contacted by Geauga Lake’s Wildwater Kindgom and given tickets for my family as well as $40 in Beagle Bucks to enjoy the concessions. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and that of my family (and my best friend who was not compensated and had to buy her tickets on her own!)

Flashback Friday-The You’re not used to the smell of luxury Edition

I know, I know I have tons of stories about the vehicles that my dad drove around. (Okay well 2 really isn’t a ton, but its working its way up there.)

When I was 9 or 10 we inherited my grandfather’s Cadillac. Not just any Cadillac, but a fully loaded El Dorado.

I have no idea what year it was, but it was HUGE and all white and well….it smelled of death.

When we would go and visit my grandfather, before we inherited this behemoth of a vehicle, we weren’t allowed to touch it in his driveway. In fact, if we even glanced at the car in a way that would hurt the car in some way (yes, Cadillacs have feelings.) we would get yelled at.

My dad would always stand back in the street and admire the “beauty and class” of my grandfather’s car.

“Someday I am going to have a car just like that,” he would sigh.

Someday turned into quicker than we thought when my grandfather’s alzheimer’s got to a point where he couldn’t drive the car anymore.

At first dad didn’t want to drive the car. It sat in our driveway for what seemed like forever, but winter feels like that in Ohio sometime.

After everything thawed we went to go for a ride in the Cadillac and I was about knocked down from the stench.

Simply put, it was awful. It was the ‘Let’s Check the Trunk for Bodies because its big enough to house at least Six’ kind of awful.

I refused to get into the car. I gagged. I thought I was going to throw up (which as this point might have actually improved the stench in the car).

My dad tried to woo me in the car. Show me its beauty. The leg room. The ALL!LEATHER!INTERIOR!

I crossed my arms and cried that I couldn’t get in there. That smell, that horrible smell.

And that my friends, is when my dad turned to me and told me “You’re just not used to the smell of luxury.”

Flashback Friday-TV Shows of my youth edition

Growing up I didn’t get to watch The Muppet Show because it was on the same time as M*A*S*H. At least that is what my dad would tell me when I would whine about not getting to see it when like everyone else in the world was watching.

I also didn’t get to watch the Cosby Show when it was first on the air, due the fact that Magnum P.I. was on and in my dad’s eyes far superior than a doctor & a lawyer and all their pesky kids. We watched Thomas Magnum and his insert sarcastic tone here oh so realistic lifestyle in Hawaii solving mysteries while living the life at some millionaire’s place.

I mean, based on my dad’s TV choices most of the time it is clear that he wanted to be some sort of detective, whether it be medically or otherwise. He wanted to solve problems or at least he liked to watch people solve problems on TV.

He had his favorites. He loved Alan Alda, well he loved him until he saw Betsy’s Wedding. All throughout the movie Dad would comment “I can’t see Hawkeye doing that.” or “Hawkeye Pierce would never say such a thing!”

“Dad you do realize that Alan Alda is playing Eddie Hopper and not Hawkeye Pierce in this movie, right?” I would ask him after each outburst.

On one occasion he looked over at me and said, “You know what would make this movie better, Heather? B.J. Hunicutt!”

Clearly he didn’t feel there was a problem with typecasting. Well, as long as they were typecast in a character to his liking.

He also didn’t understand or just plain out refused to accept the fact that shows that are shown in syndication can stop being shown in syndication. You know, at any time.

I remember coming home from school one day with my dad sitting in his recliner just flipping through the stations over and over again with this look on his face. A look that said ‘I watched my dog and my best friend get run over by a truck just five minutes ago.’

“Dad, what’s wrong?” I anxiously asked.

He sputtered, “Hawaii, Five, O, looking, TBS, it’s 4 o’clock”

“What?!!” I reply. Because clearly he was making no sense.

“I can’t find my damn show, okay?” he snapped back at me.

“What show Dad?” I ask.

“Hawaii Five-O, its always on TBS at 4 o’clock each day. I can’t find it and I am sitting here and I want to watch it. Did they take it off the air?”

“Um, Dad, they took Hawaii Five-O off the air years ago, you’ve been watching it in syndication.” I replied back, stifling laughter because I knew that he would just get more upset if I laughed about the loss of his precious show.

I finally ripped the controller out of his hand and I went to the TV guide channel and watched it scroll through until I saw something that might make him a bit happier.

“Look Dad, Kojak is coming on in like five minutes on this channel,” as I flip to whatever channel that happened to be.

His face lit up with a big smile and he thanked me.

I only wish that all of our problems could be solved with a bald man sucking on a lolly pop.