Celebrating Back to School With A QUICK Giveaway!

So, it is 10:26 A.M. and I have been up for nearly 5 hours at this point. This is normal.

Now it is 10:27 A.M. and Giggles has been up for nearly 5 hours at this point. This is a new normal that has been going on for the past 2 weeks.
Now 10:28 A.M. and The Chicken has been up for nearly 5 hours. And folks, this is not normal. She hasn’t seen 5:45 A.M. probably ever! She is not a morning person.
Remember this?
But, when I woke her up for her first day of school this morning at 5:45 A.M. expecting a fight-I got sunshine and rainbows folks. Seriously, I kid you not.
Sunshine and flipping rainbows. There might of been a unicorn thrown into the mix. She was dressed, groomed, and filled up with breakfast by 6:20! Yes that is still in the A.M. I am not sure how long this trend will continue. Heck, she could crash and burn as soon as she hits the side door. But for now I am celebrating!
Celebrating?!!? You may ask.
Yes sir-ee, Jim-Bob! Celebrating!
Today I am hosting a giveaway from Uprinting for not one reader but TWO! You know because I have two happy daughters that have been up for nearly 5 hours this morning. Or because the nice folks at Uprinting offered 2 sets of prizes to my readers.
Not one but TWO winners will win a set of 250 7×5 Half fold custom greeting cards!
What are some of the things you can do with 250 half fold greeting cards?
For me-I instantly thought Christmas Cards! Or What about a House Warming Party invite?
Birth/Adoption Announcements. If you have a business you could use these or custom post cards for your business.
Whatever you decide to use your cards for, the possibilities are ENDLESS!
How to win
1) Comment here on this blog with how you would use your 250 7×5 Greeting Cards
For additional entries you can
1)Tweet about the contest with a link to this post and come back here and leave me the link
2)Update your facebook status about the contest including the link and come back here and leave me the link
3)And finally you can blog about this contest on your own blog and leave a link to your blog in the comments
Now onto the fine print
Two (2) winners shall receive 250 7 x 5″ Greeting Cards (Half-Fold); 10 pt Cover with matte or gloss Coating, Full color Outside & Blank inside (4/0) Shipping MUST be paid by winners. Offer Valid in the UNITED STATES ONLY (A big I am really sorry to my Canadian friends!) This contest will end September 3, 2009 at Midnight. With the winner being announced Friday September 4, 2009
I was not paid by Uprinting to post this, I will however receive 250 7×5 greeting cards for my involvement in this giveaway.

Things I love and then some…..

I guess I should start off with something that I don’t love. Please don’t waste your money on this
something I hate
It didn’t clean my shower as it stated it would. There was about three warnings on the package that the contents were highly toxic, but I’ve used the scrubbing bubbles before, no worries. Big mistake. I got an instant headache. I used THREE of the pads and my shower was still not clean.

So this came to the rescue
more stuff I love
I can’t same enough good things about Clorox Greenworks. It seems to work on everything, it is dilutable and it isn’t toxic. Plus it smells fantastic. And No Clorox isn’t paying me to say that. (Side note: If someone from Clorox is reading I would love for you to pay me so I can say wonderful things about your Greenworks products. I can work it into conversations, blog posts, heck I would tell all about it when I get the floor at the PTA meetings…seriously, call me) I highly recommend Greenworks if you are looking for an all purpose cleaner. It really cleaned up my tile shower wonderfully.

I also can’t say enough good things about this
something I love It has brought the coffee back to my mornings. I am in love. If I could marry this I would and make sweet little vanilla babies with it. But I can’t. I think hubby would be jealous. A little splash of this, some milk and my coffee and I am good to go all morning with any of the stuff the girls try to put past me before they head out the door.

But last night, I don’t know if it was the stress of the first day of school, rude 7th graders at the volleyball game, PMS or what, but I really loved this
one of my fave things And I don’t drink. Really, I can’t think of the last time I drank anything. Now I have forced my child to drink an energy drink that may or may not have had alcohol in it, (Who would put alcohol in an energy drink?!!?) that was left at the cottage last year by some people who stayed there. But that is for another post. I don’t see a trend, I am not jonesing for one now….but if I drink a few or twelve wine coolers now and again I don’t see the harm.

But you are probably here to see these
Chicken walking to school
Chicken's 1st day of 5th grade
Giggles 1st day of 8th grade
Giggles 1st day B&W Chicken walking to her final year of elementary school. Giggles getting ready to leave for her last year of Middle School. I am sure you are wondering where the Giggles photos are of her walking away. Well I am a sucker good mom and I drove her so she wouldn’t be late. Make-up application and hair straightening is not something you can rush people.

Well I would like to say that I got a lot accomplished today but after getting fumed out of my upstairs and this blasted headache I did not. There is always tomorrow I guess. At least there was peaceful silence all day long. Well that is until I started yelling at the dog because he left me a present upstairs in the hallway. UGH!

If you have kiddos that started school how did your first day go?