I will take total blame for this

Winters in Northern Ohio are in a word cold. If I wanted to use another word, I would probably use the word snowy.

In fact, most years, if you came to visit me anywhere from December to April I could guarantee you that you would see snow; I just wouldn’t be able to guarantee the color.

This year I was prepared.

I had the rock salt for the icy driveway.

I had the shovel right next to the door so that I could easily get to the garage to the recently tuned up snow blower.

I had not one, but three ice scrappers in each car.

All the vehicles had emergency kits and jumper cables.

People, I even had a brand new pair of super warm snow boots with lots of traction so that I could go tromping around in the snow with Barney.

And then this happened before it was technically spring.

For those of you unaware this is my Magnolia tree, in full bloom, at least two months before it is due to bloom in Northern Ohio.
This never happens & I will take full responsibility for flip flop weather in March. 
You’re Welcome. 

How Katy Perry will help you on your journey to Bliss{dom}

I can’t believe that this will be my fourth year at Blissdom. I mean it seems like just yesterday Casey and I were rocking it out with Guitar Hero at the Hotel Preston. And Christina and I were so glad we took the stairs when those 13 gals, two of which were our roommates) got stuck on the elevator.

You can read all my posts about Blissdom here or here or here or even here.

Every time I think of that last here I always smile because I truly had no clue who George Duran was, but she did.

Why yes I did ditch my husband on our 15th wedding anniversary to go to Nash Vegas and then the following year when they changed things up and had Blissdom on The Chicken’s 13th birthday, I was there as well.

Thankfully I am not missing any important days this year.

Whether this is your first blogging conference or you are a seasoned veteran, I can guarantee you will have a blast as long as you put yourself out there and realize that everyone there wants to get to know other people and wants to try to capture some of their bliss.

You may be a little uneasy about leaving your kids for the extended weekend. Even though my girls are 14 and 17 I totally get it. I still make a list for each person and I make arrangements for meals and rides before I leave.

The Chicken, my 14 year old, guilts me each and every time I leave for a blogging conference. What?!? You are having a case of the mommy guilt too? Well, I may just have a solution for you and with just 12 days left before Blissdom there is no time to delay.

The following video was inspired by Heather who made this video for Ellie {with the help of some other aweseome ladies} and let me just tell you now Heather, The Chicken did not laugh or smile when I decided lip sync for the span of 20 minutes in the car and even when I broke out my mad car dancing while still driving safely mad skillz she kept….well you will just have to see for yourself.

Prepping for Bliss from Heather Durdil on Vimeo.

Dear Katy Perry, I am so sorry about what my daughter said, while I admit I really didn’t like you much until the gals with Blissdom made this video you have worked your way into my heart to stay, but please for the love all that is good put some more clothes on in your videos. xo, Me

Cough Drops are Not a Food

This afternoon Giggles and I set out on an adventure. It was very Survior-esque, I think, you know seeings how I have never watched one episode of Survivor. When it all ended though, I am pretty sure that my van got voted off the island.

Twenty minutes into our adventure and just 15 minutes from our destination my van started to pull and make a weird noise. I pulled off to the side of the highway, which technically was the ramp for a major interstate in our area, to find this.

No worries, I thought, I have changed tires before and thankfully this was on the side of the van away from the traffic.

Giggles & I work to get the spare out from under the van only to realize that NTB did not put one of my old tires in the spare compartment like I asked them to when I got new tires, they left my old one that happened to be flat on the spare tire rack.

Since The Husband is out of town I decided to call my mom & step dad, they decide to bring the air compressor out to fill up the flat spare tire in hopes that it will take air.

I get on twitter and facebook and instagram and share my plight with the world.

My parents show up and we realize that we can’t get the lug nuts off of the van, so we have to call AAA to have them come out.

I update twitter and facebook and instagram of our plight.

Giggles has to pee. My step dad takes her off somewhere to do her business since there aren’t any bushes or trees or……who are we kidding, she wouldn’t go outside, she probably would have burst first. Momma stays with me & they head out to find a bathroom that isn’t out of doors.

The cops show up. They ask us why AAA isn’t here yet if we called them 35 minutes ago. Clearly they have never dealt with AAA in their lives.

I update twitter and instagram and facebook about our plight and come up with a hashtag #thepartycontinuesonI71

I start to get hungry. Then I wonder what kind of jerk throws a party and doesn’t bring snacks. Oh right….me.

Giggles and my step dad get back. We wait some more.

I decide to pass the time by taking eleventy billion photos of me and my momma. No, seriously.

We laugh and laugh and get this.

I love it.

AAA finally gets there. AAA busted off two of my lug nuts trying to get the lug nuts off of the van. He needs to call a tow truck.

I update facebook and twitter and instagram of our plight and take more pictures.

I start to tell my momma that I am hungry, that my stomach is twisting inside of itself. I begin to rummage around in the van for food.

My momma, that wonderfully crazy woman asks me if I would like cough drops.

“Cough drops are not a food, ” I reply.

She tells me that clearly I am not hungry enough. Gee I wonder where I get that from.

I tell Twitter of her craziness, I get no replies.

Finally over four hours after the whole ordeal began, the tow truck came after passing us by twice. My van left with a man named Tiny, I am pretty sure I will see her tomorrow.

Rest well, Old Lady Beige, I am pretty sure I can get you back on the island.

Oh and if you are wondering who put my lug nuts on so tight that they couldn’t come off…that would be NTB.