Taking Lame to a Whole New Level

Remember that time I thought I was allergic to Christmas?

Yeah, I think that I decided that I wasn’t going to tempt fate again this year and so hours before people were going to come to my house to celebrate The Chicken’s 15th birthday party I may have gotten a bunch of Valentine decorations at the Dollar Store. (I know, I know I can’t believe that she is 15 either, I mean just yesterday I was telling her how she couldn’t be turning 13 if I wasn’t there to witness it)

In a fit of panic, I realized that it would be faster to take the Christmas decorations off of the tree and put on those Valentine’s decorations than it would be to properly put all of the Christmas stuff away. Seven dollars later at Dollar Tree and I have this…..

Turning your Christmas Tree into a Valentine's Day Tree for $7 in Twenty minutes

“The Love Tree” is currently still residing in my living room 11 days after the holiday it is decorated for because I need to go get decorations for the next holiday.  I haven’t decided if I am going to do St. Patrick’s Day or Easter….although if I don’t hurry up my choice will be made for me.

I see a trip to Dollar Tree in my immediate future.

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  1. Ya know, if a certain man in my house didn’t insist on a real tree every year I would totally be doing this too. And I wouldn’t even think of it as lame!

  2. I love you. We are like, slacker sisters! Whee!

  3. go for St Pat! I have easter things I can send to you!


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