Type-A Con or bust

The time has come to break out the lawn furniture in the kitchen so your best friend can not only acknowledge the present of your chin hairs but vanquish them for so that you won’t be tempted to start conversations with bloggers you have never met by asking them to braid your beard.

Why yes that really is me getting my chin hairs ripped out and no this photo was not staged.

This oversharing of my life leads me to my next point of this post; to share with you that I will be talking about photography and oversharing on social media platforms such as Instagram (I’m hdurdil, by the way, am I following you?) at Type A Conference with the lovely Kristen of Dine and Dish. And whom I am pretty sure in order to promote our session isn’t sharing photos of her vanquishing of her chin hairs on the interwebs. Not that she has chin hairs that she needs to vanquish or anything.

To get there, my friend Nichole and I, will be renting a car from Enterprise and live tweeting and instagramming our adventures to Charlotte.  I’m pretty sure that chaos will be at a minimum but hilarity will be sure to ensue and I don’t think that there will be any vanquishing of chin hairs, but I do have some quick growing hairs and I never leave home without my emergency pair of tweezers.

If you want to follow our adventures you can check the hash tag #enterprise2typea

So what will you be up to this week? Will you be at Type-A this weekend and are you planning on attending the photo walk on Thursday evening that I will be co-leading?

Disclosure-Enterprise is not sponsoring our trip down to Type-A, in fact I’m pretty sure that the only reason they are aware of my existence is my persistent emails which I am not even sure I have the right person or the fact that they are taking my husband’s hard earned cash as a deposit, although it is going to be cheaper for us to drive down with a rental than for one round trip ticket to Charlotte.  Although, Enterprise, we would be more than happy to accept any or all help you would be willing to shoot our way….just sayin. Also if any tweezer companies want to be the official vanquisher of Domestic Extraordinaire’s chin hairs….call me. 

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  1. I vanquished chin hairs before I left for Type A. We are sisters in chin hair. 🙂