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life rearranged

Last weekend started off early with me meeting an old friend (which coincidentally is a friend of another friend, such a small world.) for breakfast in Oberlin. We ate at the Fresh Start Cafe, if you are ever in the area it is yummy, inexpensive, AND they have gluten free options including bread!!


After breakfast I decided to head over to the new Oberlin Goodwill to check out what new stuff they have since it’s been a while since I was in there. I was bummed that I wasn’t the person that spent the first dollar in the store so I could be on the plaque until I looked at the photo.

Yes, that is me & my mama in the background of the photo. Just so you know I had found a brand new thirty-one bag on the racks for $2! I said “Look, Ma, it’s a thirty-one bag!” She examined it, agreed and then tossed it into her cart and walked away!

When I saw the photo I may have probably squealed and maybe the whole store just kind of looked at me like I was crazy.


After returning home from my adventures in Oberlin, I finished off the blanket for my new nephew.

It is super soft and I love it so much. Many thanks to my instagram pal, Joni, for sharing her Granny Stripe blanket with us so often that I had to make one myself.


After dropping off the blanket to my nephew the girls & I headed to the store to pick up some things we needed and we got a couple bags of these.

They are seriously the best things ever. The Husband even commented on how good they were and he doesn’t even like sweet potatoes. My only complaint to Terra about them would be the whole ‘limited edition’ thing. Seriously these are a year round staple!


The Husband had a couple of days off in the middle of the week (I know!) and so this was my resulting view because he needed to rid the online gaming world of zombies.

I am pretty sure in the event of a Zombiepocolypse we will be okay as long as everything plays out the same as it did on the PS3.


On Thursday a post of mine went live at Miss Unlimited on being Sixteen and Pregnant.

I am seriously overwhelmed by the support & love that so many people gave there and on facebook & twitter.


Today my baby got contacts and I was banished to the waiting room while she had contact lens class. Thankfully I had my crochet to keep me company.

Linking up with Life Rearranged for InstaFriday. You should totally play along, it’s awesome. And speaking of awesome, so is this giveaway I am doing right now-GO ENTER!!

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  1. My husband is a gamer as well. :)

    I loved your Sixteen and Pregnant post. A lot. I read it and was going to comment over there and then I got distracted and now it's days later so I think I'll just comment over here. I admire your husband a lot for owning up to his responsibility – my baby daddy was sort of on the fence for a bit and is now mostly out of the picture. So, when I read stories like yours, they make me SO happy. And that you graduated? SO rad. I know how hard that must have been!!!

  2. Love the granny stripe blanket. The colors are so great together. I am learning to crochet and am working on a very simple baby blanket right now. My first scarf was quite funky looking, but my daughter admired it so much as I was making it (the colors were “just right” for her) that I am going to give it to her for Christmas anyway. :)