Groan along with me as it’s yet another first day of school post

It seems like just yesterday we were posing for the first time in our new front yard so that The Chicken could start the 2nd grade. I mean it was loads of fun as we may not have technically owned the house yet and so the neighbors might have stared at us as we were taking pictures in the house in which we wouldn’t legally take possession of for the next 21 days, but whatever, I needed that picture in front of the house in which my girls would be living at the rest of their school career.

There have been many pictures since then and some years (*cough* last year *cough*) in which I totally forgot to take a photo at all. They have always been in that same spot more or less and it cracks me up because through gritted teeth they always tell me to take the photo already because people are staring at them.

She was confident this morning. In her new school clothes that fit with the whole new ‘Campus Wear’ thing they are doing. (Which means they can’t wear jeans or t-shirts but they don’t have uniforms either. I know…fun, right)

I hope that when she bounds through that door at 2:30 she will be happy with her classes and her lunch table assignment. I also hope that she comes home at 2:30 as The Chicken has been known to make the four block walk home last nearly an hour. (Why yes I did nearly lose my mind, especially when she didn’t answer her cell phone because she forgot to turn it on.)

So here’s to a year in which she has fun, adheres to the new dress code, and always remembers to turn on her phone when she leaves the school.

1st Day of 8th grade
Dress- H & M

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  1. No groans here. . .a little jealous, am I. I miss torturing them (and their friends) with those firstdayofschool photos (we missed a few here too), but they love to have them in their scrapbook now! Memories…

  2. That might be the oddest dress code ever! Hopefully it leads to some fun outfits like the one in the photo, though.