Flashback Friday-The Jetson car edition

I know, I know it’s been a while since I last wrote a Flashback Friday post.

Excuses? I have none.

But rejoice here is another segment of my crazy childhood so that you can laugh along with me.

My dad knew a guy that sold used cars. Used cars that you purchase on lay-a-way.

I know, crazy.

I paid $400 for this car over the course of a few months. I was so proud of that little red Chevette.

No that isn’t the song that Prince sang, although would have my car so much cooler

I had the car for about six months when my thought it would be a good idea to sell it and get a better car.

My dad put it in the paper for $200 or best offer.

A woman came to look at the car and offered my dad $250 for it.

He was shocked and told the woman how it was $200 or best offer.

She offered him $275.

He told her of the balding tires, the heat that wouldn’t shut off, and the driver’s side door that didn’t always stay shut.

She offered him $300.

He opened the hood and told the lady how he could stick his head in the shock towers.

She counted up her money and told my dad that the most she could pay was $425.

she still had groceries to buy, you know

Months later I saw my car driving through downtown and I swear it sounded just like the car from The Jetson’s.

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