What’s your Super Power?

In order to use up stuff I have had forever and make things more sentimental and intentional I have been making more handmade gifts.

At first it was hard, but now I enjoy it. I look forward to that time in my craft room, being creative with what I have so that I don’t have to go out and buy more things.

Last month was my nephew’s 5th birthday, I made him a super hero cape and mask. My then three year old niece ran her fingers along the back of the cape and traced the letter A that I had sewn on the back.

“Aunt Heather, I will be four soon and I really like the cape you made for Bubbie.”

She continued on while I listened. “I would like if you could make me a cape like that for my birthday. Except if you could find the letter L instead of the A that would be good. Also instead of the red, could you make mine with purple and some sparkles, you know if it isn’t too much trouble.”

I chuckled and agreed that maybe, just maybe I could make her this special cape.

“Because when I am four I am sure to have my superpowers, Aunt Heather.”

So this Sunday we all met up for lunch at my mother’s house and the newly four year old girl ran up into my arms when she saw me in the dining room.

“Aunt Heather!!!”she exclaimed, “Did you know that today is my very special day. Today I am four years old and its my birthday! Don’t you want to say Happy Birthday to me?”

I wished her a happy birthday and took her over to her purple package that I had just for her.

I let her shake it and sniff it and she had a big smile on her face while telling me she didn’t know what was inside.

We opened the bag together and she exclaimed, “My Cape!!” before it was even out of the bag.

She asked to put it on and I happily tied it on her.

“My super powers are here and now I can jump and twirl so fast that the bad guys can’t get me!” She says as she is literally bouncing all over the place.

“You have super powers too, Aunt Heather,” she tells me.

“Really sweetie, what are they?”

“You don’t know?” she inquired.

“I am not sure sweets” I replied back.

“Love, Aunt Heather. Your super powers are love,” and she sped off to see her great uncle and the pretty package that he brought her for her special day.

Now that I know what my super powers are I need to use them more often, to not let things get me down and to remember that everything will be okay with Love.

And maybe, just maybe I will do some jumping and twirling too.

Jumping & Twirling

So what’s your Super Power?

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  1. That is an adorable story and a really cute cape!

  2. Oh I love this. And that photo takes my breath- that is the life I want to live!


  3. Heather, such a beautiful gift you made for both your niece and nephew! My boys would be jealous of those capes! Where's your Etsy store? :)

    And this post, so beautiful too…

    My super power would be the fact that I can usually make people laugh or at least smile.

  4. She's one smart girl! Cute cape, too – thanks for inspiring me to make them as well.

  5. ha! Can you make me a super hero cape too? :-)

    She's adorable!!!

  6. Oh, LOVE.

    And, yes. Your super power is most definitely love.

  7. Out of the mouths of babes…I am glad that you have recognized your super power. You are amazing. :)

  8. awwwww!!

  9. Sigh. I don't know if I have any superpowers. Your cape making skills are awesome, though! Great picture, too.