The Universe Hates Me or Rather Hates that I am Online

So, the plan was that after I decompressed from going to BlogHer & my horrible train ride home (Hello Amtrak you still haven’t connected with me on Twitter yet) that I would do a BlogHer re-cap.

I am here to say that The Universe has other plans about me ever doing a BlogHer re-cap.

Remember last year when we came home only to play Amish.

This year wasn’t so dramatic.

Well, the nearly 20 hour train ride home in a meat locker almost did me in, but I survived.

This year my modem decided to crash on me. But not in a way in which the phone company could tell for sure it was dead until we spent several hours on the phone going over everything because my modem assured them from their end that it was working.

Thankfully we didn’t have to do all the simple things that we normally would have to do. I think part of it had to do with the fact that she was a fellow Mac user who also loves Safari and doesn’t like Firefox just because it isn’t Safari.

She was a kindred spirit indeed.

So, long story short I am at a coffee shop getting my contract work done, updating my photography site, and saying hello to all of you lovelies out there.

While you are here please look at the photos that I took in Times Square on Friday night, they were inspired by Beth’s photo challenge at You Capture “Everyday Things” (not for me but those that are always in NYC-I am still in awe!!)

I promise I will be back soon!!

Rickshaw in the City

Pondering in the Square

Safety in the Square

The Tilt on Times Square

with the exception of the black and white shot these are all shot in manual straight out of the camera

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  1. Great shots! They make me miss NYC, I haven't been since I was in high school. I am thinking a trip may be in order.