Looking into those eyes

I always think of The Chicken as my baby. She got that nickname because of her long chicken legs when she was an infant.

I know that I probably baby her more than I should. There is just something about knowing something is your last that makes you savor it all that much more.

And then I see a photo like this and I get a glimpse of the woman that she is rapidly becoming and it takes my breath away and makes me want to curl up in a corner rocking back & forth in denial, all at the same time.


Dearest Chicken, I love you and love to see the woman that you are becoming, but you really don’t need to change into her too quickly.

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  1. Oh wow. What a gorgeous picture. Those eyes!!!

  2. Oh wow. What a gorgeous picture. Those eyes!!!

  3. I think the truth is, they all grow up no matter what we do.

    I find myself babying all of mine more lately. I know they won't be this little forever. Shrug.

    Beautiful picture. :)

  4. Wow. GORGEOUS!

  5. Beautiful picture, and very emotional, isn't it? They grow up too quickly!

  6. So, so pretty. She really isn't “the chicken” anymore, is she? :-) I'm working on savoring the moment here…but with three kids under 5 years old-all who are currently crying, it isn't easy. :-)

    Beautiful post, more beautiful daughter!

  7. She's absolutely beautiful.

  8. Oh those eyes! She's so beautiful.

  9. I'm not ready for my “little” girl to grow up either but she's doing it anyway! Ack! Did they tell us about this when we became parents?

  10. Wow- she is beautiful.


  11. That's a beautiful picture! It is amazing how quick they grow.

  12. what a beautiful picture of a beautiful young lady!

  13. She is so beautiful! It is hard to let them grow up. I call my 10 year old baby still. I just can't let him go! : ) I am visiting you today via Jill's Scary Mommy blog. So nice to meet you!