Weekly Winners-Shots of our daily life Edition

I haven’t been taking a lot of photos this week, but I did get my photo a day in.
I am so happy about that, it has been hard and sometimes I nearly forget, but I do it.
Hope you enjoy peeking into our last week of February of 2010
We went out & celebrated National Pancake Day & gave to a good cause.
Don’t ask me how they were, because pancakes make me gag.
Also don’t ask Giggles if she was happy with the pancakes because
she really wanted the $7 fruit cup
I rarely take photos of myself, partly because
I stink at it and partly because of the many chins.
I needed a photo for Wednesday, I was at
Wally World, so I steered my cart over to the mirror aisle.
It isn’t a pretty shot, it isn’t even something I wanted to take.
But its real, its me and I kind of love it.
Thursday had me at a Girls Nite Out with my good
friend Shannon, only I forgot it was girls nite until she
got to my house. Thankfully my best friend didn’t take up
the offer I made to make her & the kids tacos or I
don’t know what I would have done. Dinner was great,
the company excellent, and I LOVED these lights
The Cat is waiting for her treat. The Dog gets one after he goes outside
(something I never stopped after he was house broken).
Sometimes he goes outside, turns a circle and comes back
in with hopes he will get his cookie. The Cat normally waits at
the door for him and they run up the kitchen together, but earlier in
the day I sort of shut her in between the doors and so for
the rest of the day she didn’t go near the side door, but she did
come to the kitchen for her treats. How could I say no to a face like that.
And the snow….oh, the snow.
I could fill up albums with the photos of the snow I could take.
It is pretty, but its nearly March and I am so done with it.
The snow we had this weekend was sticky and wet
so it stuck to everything. Including our basketball hoop.
(also that’s not noise in the photo, its snowing)
I wish that it wasn’t hip deep in parts of my yard,
but what am I going to do?
If you want to check out more photo treasures be sure to
head over to Loter’s place and check out the linky love.
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  1. These are all fabulous.. love the mirror portrait, and the light bulbs, and the basketball net, and…. well they are all fabulous!

  2. Wait! You don't like pancakes? I'm sorry…we can no longer be friends.

    Unless…wait a minute…I guess that means should we go to a pancake place together I would get your pancakes, huh? Ok, deal back on.

    I'm so glad that *I* taught *you* a photography trick! lol

  3. aunt kathy says:

    Love the mirror pic even though I usually think mirror pics are goofy, as for the cat…..she looks like she is daring you to ever do that again. As usual the pics are all great.

  4. LOVE that picture of you! :)

  5. I love them all, but especially the self portrait (nice hide on the chin thing, haha) and the snow. It's gotta end soon, right???

  6. awwww, kitty. and i would have been all over those light bulbs too (but probably wouldn't have gotten the great shot you did!).

  7. The green hat makes me smile.

  8. I can't pick a favorite! The photo of you is so real. The light bulbs are simply amazing. The basketball net a fantastic thing to take note of. I love cats. And the pancake shot is a great way to handle that event!


  9. As a cat fan I would also melt looking at such a sweet face !
    If ever you want to show and write once a week about your cat then you should join my cat group on tuesdays.
    here at My cats and funny stories

  10. I happen to like the self portrait. =) Also love those lights, too!

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