One of the things I miss the most

So, I never did finish my re-cap of Blissdom.

Its been hard in a way because of the awesomeness that was shoved into those short few days.

Its also been hard because I really connected with someone that is over 12 hours away.

It all started while texting my friend Issa about a week before I was set to leave. She wasn’t going to be there, but wanted me to be able to hug someone that she knew and that way it was like hugging me. (or something like that)

Twitter helped us weed out those who weren’t going and finally we found someone she knew, she had hugged before, and was going to be there.


I DM’ed her my number and we decided that we should get together at some point over the weekend.

On Thursday night, during the Opening Cocktail party, I got a text.

“I am at the front door, where are you?”

I responed.

“On my way.”

I get to the entrance to the Jack Daniel’s Saloon and there were a few ladies there. I thought “Shit, I am not sure who Bridget is and….”

Before I finished that thought she pipes up in the cutest southern accent “Heather?”

And soon there were hugs!

We met up again at the Bubbles and Bits party hosted by the Clever Girls-it was great.

I was talking to her about cameras and we escaped the noise of the (awesome) party and chatted out on the balcony of the pink mansion.

We agreed on so many points, even though our lives are so vastly different, in some points they were the same.

We walked around later taking photos, enjoying each other’s company….it went on like that all weekend.

On Saturday when I woke up in a flare up and I just wanted to walk around to take pictures, she went with me. Even though there was more silence, it wasn’t awkward. It was comfortable.

We met up on Sunday morning so we could say good-bye. It sucked that she was traveling just about as far south as I was traveling north.

Briget is someone that would make me a better person by me being around her. She would make me more accountable but in a loving and caring way. I could see us meeting for Diet Cokes (since she doesn’t do coffee) in the afternoons.

I just wish she wasn’t so far away.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE Bridget too! Again, so sad I didn't make it out to Nashville. So glad I'll get to see you in NY, and we will definitely need to hang out longer this year. Great post, friend!

  2. Aww…you are too sweet. I had a fantastic time, too. You are such a great friend to have!!

    (And when you see Greis and Issa at BlogHer, you must all have one great big squishy hug for me!)

  3. p.s. thanks for not mentioning my horrible sense of direction. As in, “Um…Heather…I think I'm near something called Delta Concourse, but I thought that was at the airport not in the hotel…can you please come find me???”

  4. Bridget is a keeper!!

  5. I luuuurve Bridget. My favorite Bridget/Blissdom memory is when we were sitting in the Anissa booth and the hotel person was chiming the xylophone walking down the aisles of the exhibitor area – and it sounded like if they could sing along, the words would be “Hate. My. Job. Hate My Job!” So I started singing. Bridget joined me. Bridget is pure awesome sauce.

    (And so are you, Heather!).

  6. Aw!! This makes me so happy :)

    I loved meeting you both and I look forward to getting to know y'all better online and hopefully, in person as well.

  7. Awww, I love Bridget too, but I've not had the pleasure of meeting her in person… yet…

  8. I adore Bridget and you. And yes, it was the finding someone to give you a hug. See how well it worked out? ;)

    We have to figure out how to get that girl to BH.

  9. i totally adore bridget, too. and (not to brag or anything) she lives just about 2 minutes from me. i shall hug her often on your behalf! i'm glad that, through her, i was able to meet lovely you!