Joy through their Eyes Part II

Remember Sunday when I said this post was to be continued?
I totally meant to finish it yesterday, but life…you know how that goes, right?
What? You didn’t read it? Well, feel free to click here and I will wait for you.
You back? Enjoyed seeing the adventure that The Chicken & I went on Friday afternoon?
Saturday morning was Giggles’s day. If you didn’t know she is a bit crazy for horses.
I will admit that I am not crazy for horses or sitting in horse barns.
And let’s not get me started on the cost….

But for Giggles’s whole life she has been consumed by these four

legged animals and for her I enjoy this view on Saturday mornings
when I could be home in my PJ’s lounging around

And I am not going to find random sets of spurs laying around at home to take pictures of
spurs not needed

Some people ask why do I sit there for the hour, if I really don’t want to be there.

The answer is the smile that I never see unless she is on the back of the horse

doing what she loves.
snorts of happiness

The way she handles the horses, the way the instructors tell her that she is such a

natural {when they are correcting the other girls} and the peace that comes
about her when she is on a horse….
The lit path

I know that she is traveling on the right path.

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  1. Being an adult horse lover, I totally understand. Thank you for loving your daughter enough to be there for her! She is a lucky girl.

  2. We do it for our kids. That's all the reason we need.

  3. We do what we do for our children — because we love them.

  4. Lovin' the photos! How you been, Girl? –Pam

  5. can I admit that horses kinda scare me? But your daughter – she looks so natural!

  6. nice post. thanks.