Helping her catpure her bliss

It has been two weeks since I was partying it up in Nashville in the Opryland Resort with the gals (and some guys) at Blissdom.

I want to recap it perfectly, so I think over the next little bit I am going to just post the recaps and snippets from my mind as I feel it.

So without further delay….meet Jennifer.

I am sure that many of you know Jennifer. (If not, have you been living under a rock-she is totally famous on the internets!)

I have no idea how I started reading Jennifer’s blog, but somehow it happened, I became a regular commenter, I thought she was a rock star and last year at Blissdom I met her for the first time.

Amy, Shannan, Christina & I come into the lobbyat the hotel Preston. Jennifer comes up to hug the gals she knows and in my head I kept thinking “OMG it Jennifer from Playgroups…JENNIFER!!” alternating with “Wow, she is a lot shorter or I am a lot taller than I thought….OMG JENNIFER!!” and she looks over to me “Heather?!!?”

I stammer a couple of words out, give her a hug and in my brain I was all still “JENNIFER…..JENNIFER….OMG….JENNIFER!”

I consider Jennifer a friend. We have emailed on occassion and she even guest posted for me back when I messed up my wrist Labor Day of 08. Although after reading the last section of this post she probably considers me a a stalker and when I go to give her a hug at BlogHer this summer some guys in dark sunglasses that talk into their watches will totally ask me to step away from the nice blogger.

Anyways, I swear this story has a point.

At the Cocktail party on Thursday nite at Blissdom I see Jennifer. She comes up to me & grabs onto my shoulder and sort of drags me over to a doorway to see this tall-ish man surrounded by ladies. (Now if you have seen Jennifer & I together you would realize what a sight of her dragging me by the shoulder would be)

She has this crazed look in her eyes, kind of like deer in the headlights, but a bit crazier and she starts asking me things about something, only I can’t understand because its loud, she isn’t really making much sense and she is talkingthisfastandIcan’tunderstandwhatisgoingon.

I pulled a couple of words out of it like George, Hunt’s Guy, Food T.V.

Finally I look at her and say “What?”

“That guy over there, doesn’t he remind you of George Duran, the Hunt’s Guy…you know from the Food Network?!”

I told her I didn’t know who he was and she let out this sigh. No one could confirm if this guy was George or George’s doppleganger and that was bothering her….lots.

So I decide to find out if this guy really is George Duran, only I get over to him and I can’t remember his name. I don’t want to look like an ass, so I decide to go back to Jennifer, Sarah, & Bridget to find out his name one more time.

Jennifer couldn’t believe I was going over there to find out if this was George or not.

So while I walk the 30 feet away from the girls, they totally leave where I had left them. And they were giggling. (So when people tell you that blogging conferences are just like high school-sort of believe them, I totally felt like I was going up to some guy at a dance to see if he likes so and so and if they can meet over by the punch bowl)

The guy (who I haven’t yet confirmed his idenity) totally stops talking to the ladies he was with when I came up to him. He was all friendly and offered me his hand to shake.

I asked him “By any chance are you George Duran?”

His face beams “Why yes I am.” (he says something else that I can’t remember but its basically asking me if I enjoyed his show or something.

To which I tell him I have NO clue who he is, but my friend Jennifer is a huge fan and she was trying to get someone to either confirm or deny that he is who he is.

Its at this point I turn around to motion to my friend Jennifer who is dying of laughter and can not believe I am talking to George Duran.

George, being the sport that he is, says “Why let’s go meet your friend Jennifer.”

So I introduced Jennifer to George and let me tell you she was smitten. Her smile was a mega watt smile.

And while the photo is kind of grainy & not really the best, I love how happy she is & that I could do something to make her that way.

Because friendship is what bliss is all about


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  1. I like that pic…and that was a great night!

  2. Such a great friend. Jennifer looks blissful in the picture.

    Would you totally break the ice between me and Justin Timberlake if the moment ever arose? Because I might need some ice breaking or someone to pick me up off the floor if I ever was in the same room as him.

  3. Very cool! :D

  4. I'm just catching up, SO glad you had such a great time.

  5. I'm so glad you aren't a big sissy like me and went over to him! It was really one of the many highlights of the weekend!

  6. Ahhh, the memories! And yes, we were totally giggling.