You Capture-Macro Edition

Ready to Bounce
Hopper at rest
Over at Beth’s place today she is hosting You Capture once again. I just love You Capture. If you aren’t playing along you really should. People with all levels of photography skills play along, its really fun! C’mon, you know you want to.
The challenge this week was Macro or Close Up Photography. Now if you have seen my photos its no surprise that I love me a lot of negative space in a photograph.
Now some of you may be wondering what ‘negative space’ is in a photograph. Essentially it is the ‘empty’ space around the subject in a photograph. I think a lot of times I vere away from macro shots just because I think that I can’t have the negative space in the photograph. Not that I have to have negative space. When I compose shots a lot of the time I don’t even think about it, but some of my favorite photos that I have taken, as well as others are ones with more negative space.
When I saw this grasshopper hanging out in the backyard I called for The Chicken to bring me my camera. I moved ever so slowly, as not to disturb the insect so I could get all up close and personal. And you know what? I think he liked it. He let me take so many photos of him that afternoon and would actually move slightly here or there, but never really jumped away. Then when I declared I was done, he hopped off. Just like that.
When I began to edit the photos I was amazed at the fact that I got all up close and personal, but there is still negative space. (Like I said it isn’t crutial to a photograph but I LOVE it) Thank you so much for hosting You Capture, Beth. You have really allowed me to think outside my box and have made me an even better photographer. You totally rock!
So what are you waiting for? Get thee over to I should be folding Laundry to check out the other awesome close up shots!
P.S. Don’t forget to check me out over here as well today-where we wonder about sugar or spice.
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  1. Oh wow, these are so great – great job!!!

  2. I never thought I would say this about a picture of a BUG, but they're beautiful!

  3. LOVE, LOVE these! I also love the splash of turquoise with the grasshopper in the first photo.

    And fabulous negative space, girl. ;p

  4. :) Thanks for the comment – I think the grasshopper is pretty rock awesome myself.

  5. I LOVE the grasshopper! Brilliant shots!

  6. Great shots! He almost looks like he's made of metal. Glad he participated in this weeks challenge! Can't wait to see more of your work!

  7. So Beautiful!… ps. my chickens would love one these right about now. =)

  8. I think that the grasshopper turned out great. I like negative space too, but usually my house is so trashed that it's hard to find. Ha!

  9. I LOVE THESE. So fantastic!

  10. wow great photos!!!!

  11. Great shots!!!

    And, you are very welcome for the tweets about your missing doggy. My heart was breaking for you and I wanted to help however I could.

  12. Love little creatures like that!
    ?¨`*•.?so CUTE?.•*¨`?
    Have a Lovely?Day!

  13. Those are amazing shots. What a cooperative little guy.

  14. Beautiful shots! I'm so amazed he stayed still for so long!!

    I like negative/white space, too. I think it comes from being a graphic designer and trying to convince people that less IS more!!

    Great job this week!

  15. That is fantastic! That little guy is just HUGE!

  16. Awesome captures! What a cute little guy :)

  17. Fantastic shots! He's cute!

  18. That first shot is amazing! Who knew a grasshopper could be beautiful?!

  19. Wow! Great shot! And I read your profile…you have a wonderful story! Congrats on all of your hard work to get where you are today! Blessings ~ Kathleen from Treasured Chapters

  20. Nice shot in black and white. Still a challenge for me.

  21. Stunning shots!!

  22. Holy cow! What lovely shots of something I wouldn't have thought could be so pretty!

  23. liking the color shot a TON! He looks scary that HUGE!

  24. Amazing and I love that you got a 'poser' for a grasshopper as your subject!

    I especially like the colors of the first one.

  25. those pics are awesome. really. unbeliveable how perfectly green that first one is! great job.

  26. Love the photos. I think some of the best moments captured are just sitting in the grass, watching for whatever may happen by. Lovely!

  27. WOW! The detail on those is stunning. esp' the B&W – down the hairs on his legs and the striations of his wings and antenna – just brilliant!! :D That said HE is seriously creepy!!
    Thanks for you comment on my blog too :D

  28. I love the added info, as well as the pix.. oh I have so much to learn. I really have started looking for Negative space, and didn't realize that is what I was doing!

  29. wow! these are great! i love them :)

    thanks for commenting on my blog – i appreciate it :O)

  30. Awesome! I have yet to photograph any insect this up close, and I must say this must not have been easy eh? Hehe. Thanks for checking out my entry :)

  31. Very cool! I lurve the macro…

  32. I love the first one! So awesome!

  33. Very cool capture!