On My Way

Last weekend was busy with getting my mom’s house and her
mind ready for her reception/open house.
Family and friends came from all over to celebrate
Mom & Carl’s new life together. I never expected to have my children
whisked away on Sunday by my Aunt & Uncle.
Is it sad to say that I really didn’t miss them? In all fairness in the summer
they keep pretty busy and are hardly home. So with them not around I was
able to host a yard sale and clean out The Chicken’s closet-which really needed it.
But now I am on the road, driving five hours through the rain to
see these happy faces and that makes my heart glad!
P.S. Have you ever tried to photograph ten kids
together with half a dozen adults trying to
instruct the children how to pose?
Its about as fun as it sounds.
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  1. My sister and I have spent the past two years trying to get a decent photo of our five kids together. No luck so far.

  2. Yay…. that does sound fun. But you got a lovely capture my friend.