Words of encouragement

A “friend” recently learned that I have a blog. I think it was something Chicken said to her. Upon hearing this she turned to me and said.

“You actually think people want to read about your life?!!?”

Yeah, great morality booster.

So thanks to you for actually wanting to read about my life.

Please go and boost Patty’s moral as well. It is her 2nd Blogversary and she is having a contest. Go, now and tell her I sent ya!

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  1. Honey, you need a better friends.

    What kind of person says that?!


  2. It’s not about the people reading your life, it’s the catharsis of you writing about your life.

    Inmy humble opinion anyway.

  3. I agree with cookie, that was really rude of your “friend”

  4. I agree with cookie. Your “friend” was rather rude in her comment.

    Keep blogging!!

  5. I like reading your blog, so there!

    The tutorial is now private on how to make those little dolls on my blog :( It was in the links part of my blog, dotee tutorial or something like that. I’m hoping it comes back. Otherwise just look at the pictures on flickr and you can get the general idea of how they are made. So fun to decorate! Have fun if you make some!

  6. Your friend obviously does not read blogs.

    Clearly, she is just not a creepy voyeur, like the rest of us. ;)

  7. What? I love stalking my friends, I mean, reading about my friends lives! She’s crazy. Totally get new friends. :)

  8. Youch! I think somebody has a case of blog-envy!

    And with friends like that, who needs mother-in-laws?

  9. I had a work colleague say that to me once. Um, THANKS.

    Just keep on keepin’ on :)

  10. Did you tell her, oh you’d be surprised! Sounds like someone is a little envious of your blog…

  11. I agree with Cookie. srsly? How mean.