I survived the double wedding weekend extravaganza

And sadly that title is all I can share as I don’t have any energy. Both of the girls had a bug over the weekend and Sunday I slept A LOT. I thought I was just playing catch up from the weekend, but Monday I felt just as bad. So if you wanted to hear of how I am not eating much and feeling constantly nauseous then this is the blog for you. And no, I am not pregnant because during all this sleeping and queasiness my lovely “friend” decided to visit….early. UGH!

All of the school shopping is done though, drug hubby out when I was feeling icky so he could tell the girls “no” or “that costs too much” But what did he say “Sure sweetie put it in the cart” WTF?!!? Where is the hubby that I know and love. His has been on some sort of happy high since I let him buy the motorcycle. Gosh, we should have done this years ago.

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  1. Sorry you’re feeling so crummy.

  2. Nothing adds to a case of the yuckies like Aunt Flo. I hope you feel better soon, sweetie.

    I hope he brought you back something good since he’s spoiling the girls like that. Momma needs shiny stuff, too. ;^)