Energy Drinks+Alcohol=wahh?!!?

Remember the other day when I told you about how I let Giggles drink an energy drink with alcohol. I just barely touched on it, but go on and look here, I will wait for you.



To start off the story a bit of background.

My husband’s family has a cottage at Put in Bay. You can click here if you want more info. on the island. Because if you aren’t from around here you probably didn’t even realize it existed.

The cottage has been in the family for 5 generations. It is gorgeous and lovely and we are right on the lake. I enjoy going there. So do a lot of other people. So from time to time friends and family go out there for a day or two or twelve. The point is they go out there.

When these said visitors are visiting they bring stuff to eat and drink because we have kitchen in our cottage. (Maybe there are some cottages out there that don’t have kitchens so I am just clearing things up) When they come out with their food and beverages and don’t use them all they leave the stuff behind for us, kind of like a thank you. At the end of the season when we close down for the winter my hubby and father in law clean out the pantry and most of the stuff makes its way to our house.

Now I go through everything and check exp. dates and everything. What I didn’t check in the Sparks Energy drink was its alcohol content. I just popped it in the pantry and let it sit there.

A bit of time rolls by and I decide that Giggles may enjoy this said drink so while she is in school I pop it in the fridge for her. She gets home and asks me if we can go up the corner store and get her an energy drink. I tell her she is in luck, I had one in the fridge for her.

She goes and gets it out, looks at it and asks where it came from. I told her it came from the island and someone left it. She asks if I am sure that she can drink it. I tell her its fine. It is hours from bedtime and so its really okay.

She starts to drink it. She tells me it tastes awful. I asked her if she shook it up. She said no. So I go in the kitchen, cup my hand over the open can and give it a shake or two. I hand it back to Giggles.

“Mom it is still awful. It feels like it is burning my throat, can’t we just go and buy a real energy drink?”

At this point I am pretty ticked. She really doesn’t like “hand outs” So I figure she is giving me a hard time because she wants a drink that she picked out, not something someone left behind”

“Listen girlie, ” I start in, “you are going to drink that drink and you are going to like it. If this is how you react to all energy drinks then I don’t think you will ever be getting another one again.”

“No, Mom, this is seriously awful. Taste it”

Now I hate energy drinks, they make me feel a bit light headed, but I was tired of listening to her complain. I took one sip and tasted something off, yet familiar. I decide to read the label.

Sparks Energy Plus. Plus what I wonder. What?!?? 4% alcohol!!?!?

I am feeling like the world’s greatest mother, I made my kid drink alcohol all in an effort to save a bit of money and not have to leave the house when it was snowing out. Please hand me my reward.

But, upon doing a search about this said energy drinks with extra added (by the way isn’t an energy drink with alcohol added kind of counter productive) I found this

Which makes me feel a lot better. Because the brand that isn’t supposed to be there, yea that’s the one I forced my kid to drink.

And if you are here representing some child welfare agency or other such thing…..I am a fiction writer. Couldn’t get a publisher so I am going on the cheap with my blog. Yea, that’s it.

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  1. I am proud of Giggles for holding her ground and making you taste it.

    Still annoyed about her mocking my nickname, though. ;^)

  2. Heehee, that’s SO much cooler than washing her mouth out with soap!

  3. What will you push on her tomorrow? Heroin???

    Love the story…and if she didn’t finish her drink, please send it my way….

  4. this is hilarious. but i had never read you before, so i kept picturing giving v. small children like mine energy drinks – much less alcohol. hah!

  5. that is hysterical and sounds like something I would do. this mommy gig is way harder than it looks.

  6. Oh No! Poor Giggles, corrupted at an early age by good old Mom. This sounds like me. “Shut Up, Quit your Bitchin’ and DRINK”

    LOL! Glad she’s OK, and I promise not to report you to the authorities.

  7. LOL! It happens… ;op