A secret way to control your T.V.

Since we all know that Teenagers are right on just about everything in life, I learned a little tid bit from Giggles this morning that I thought was great and should share with you all.

Apparently if you get up the earliest in the morning and do the most stuff when you sit down in front of the T.V. you have free reign over it. That’s right internets…..FREE REIGN!

Me~listening from the kitchen

Giggles~Chicken, give me the remote, I know exactly what I want to watch.

Chicken~NO! I was here first and I am watching a great show. (side note…this great show was a really old episode of Tom and Jerry…Giggles hates when Chicken goes all old school in her cartoon watching)

Giggles~Listen Chicken, I told you when you came down stairs that I was getting off the laptop and I knew what I wanted to watch. Why do you insist on defying me. (sidenote…..I love how she hates being defied but when I try this argument she just rolls her eyes at me)

Chicken~I HAVE the controller, therefore I am watching what I want. You can’t have the laptop and the T.V.

Giggles~LOOK! I have been up since 6 A.M. and have went and practiced hard volleyball for TWO hours and then got home before you were even up. If anyone deserves to pick what to watch it is ME!! So you better hand over the controller or get up earlier in the morning.

Me(intervening before someone gets hurt)~ Look Giggles, you weren’t up at SIX A.M. I woke you up at ten after seven. So in reality I was the first one up, therefore Chicken gets to watch the rest of her show and then you can watch the Equestrian Olympics that you DVR’d. It isn’t going anywhere.

Now I know that I am not “that”old, but I do have a bit of life experience built up. No where in the books I have read nor advice I was given was this juicy bit shared with me. I think it is some sort of secret kid code, street schooling that they teach each other. Because I know if I hadn’t intervened Giggles would have won out on that argument with the Chicken.

So when you want to watch T.V. and you are tired of getting that mouth back complaining that your shows are dumb or stupid, you just throw out the “But I was up way before you and did this and this and this” and they will just back off and let you have the T.V. …..or maybe that is just how it works in my teenager’s world.

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  1. My Lukey loves Tom and Jerry – have you noticed how un P.C. the old cartoons are. Loads of drunk animals. Thanks for visiting my site.

  2. Proving teenagers wrong is one of my favorite activities. Just makes me smile all day long!

  3. ummm Spouse and I had the exact same argument the other night…I wanted to watch the Equestrian Olympics that I DVR’d and he said no, that it was his turn b/c he “worked” all day.

    Oh gawd. We are two adolescent girls aren’t we?