100 things about me

1. I should be editing right now
2. I guess that means I like to work under pressure
3. I am the oldest of 2 with my birth parents
4. They got divorced 3 days after my 3rd birthday
5. My mom got remarried when I was just 4
6. My step dad brought my sister, who is 7 mos older than me and my brother who is 3 years older than me into my life
7. My dad got remarried when I was nearly 5
8. my stepmom had 2 boys that were older than me as well
9. I don’t like my stepbrothers from #8 for “reasons” that I won’t go into on the blog
10. My dad and stepmom had a daughter when I was 7
11. She and Giggles share their birthday.
12. It is also the day that my grandmother died back in 92
13. My step dad passed away when I was 27, it was very hard on me
14. What made it even harder was that after 20 years of marriage he and my mom divorced and his new girlfriend didn’t like me much.
15. I wasn’t mentioned in the obituary and we had to drive our car in the last spot because of her.
16. It really didn’t matter much that I wasn’t in the obituary as they don’t really say much about who the person really is.
17. I played the trombone in school because I felt sorry for our band teacher, no body wanted to play the trombone.
18. I secretly hated it, but was really good.
19. I quit when I got into high school
20. I sang in choir all throughout school.
21. I was a 1st soprano and pretty darn good.
22. I can’t hit those high notes anymore and it makes me sad
23.My first job was shoveling walks and mowing lawns. I had to convince my neighbors that I could do it even though I was a girl.
24. I have a low immune system and when I was younger I was sick all the time.
25. In Seventh Grade my math teacher pulled me out of class to ask me if my low immune system was due to AIDS.
26. I wasn’t offended by it, but when I told my mother she was outraged and called the school.
27. He didn’t work there long after that and it makes me sad, he was a good teacher
28. I met my husband my freshman year of high school.
29. I thought he was a jerk
30. We started dating about 5 months after we met and have broke up once, my junior year.
31. He was freaking me out by talking about “the rest of our lives” and saying things like “forever”
32. A couple months after we got back together I found out I was pregnant
33. We only had sex three times
34. We were using lots of birth control
35. I still graduated with almost a 4.0 GPA
36. I had Giggles when I was 17.
37. My “real” dad is odd…Upon having her he said ” You know in movies when people have babies in the back of cabs, then drop off the lady and the baby at the hospital then pick up a new fare….well you know that it is just made up. Because would you get into a cab that looked like this” As he pointed to the delivery room floor.
38. Hubby, who wasn’t my hubby yet, was not there when she was born.
39. He was in boot camp, which he joined for me instead of taking his free ride to Hiram College, he was in the Navy
40. I am a year younger than my hubby.
41. The keyboard on my macbook squeaks and as I type this it is driving me slowly insane.
42. After having Giggles I went back home to my mother’s.
43. Hubby and I got married in Illinois after Pass in Review Weekend.
44. He proposed to me in a letter
45. I never answered him back about it.
46. I had severe PPD with both girls (worse with Giggles)
47. In all things odd with me I totally focused on my baby and nothing else.
48. I really respect my hubby “sticking it out” even when he thought I wasn’t going to ever be the same again.
49. I really wish I hadn’t suffered in silence for so long before trying to get help.
50. I learned how to drive a stick shift when I was 18 years old because it was the only car that Toyota would sell us on the lot.
51. After basically getting screwed our first time around getting a car, I was a great advocate for us the second time.
52. I got us killer deal on our Rio.
53. I am a photographer
54. I love it!
55. As with all the stuff that I do, I am self taught.
56. I am finding coming up with 100 things very hard.
57. Even though hubby got “fixed” before Chicken was born I really wanted another baby.
58. Sometime I would pray for a miracle baby.
59. I am thankful we only have the 2 girls, I wouldn’t know what to do with a baby now.
60. The thought of my daughter becoming a teenage mother scares the shit out of me.
61. The older she gets the more I think about it.
62. I am afraid that if she did become pregnant that I would be excited about it.
63. That fact upsets me.
64. I know i am going to be a very involved Grandparent
65. I am also paranoid that my girls will move away when they get older
66. I get all panicky inside just thinking about it
67. I have fibromyalgia
68. For years they didn’t know what was wrong with me
69. I thought I was losing my mind
70. I don’t like bright lights and loud sounds
71. I recently learned that other Fibro sufferers complain about these things as well.
72. When things are exactly where they need to be I tend to get overwhelmed
73. But I am not an organized person.
74. I hope I am not repeating myself
75. I could eat chicken fingers and honey everyday for the rest of my life
76. I am blind without my glasses.
77. I can’t wear contacts because I have a very flat cornea
78. I tried in high school and lost a lot of contacts to the top of my eye
79. Speaking of eyes, I burned my cornea when I was pregnant with Giggles.
80. I ended up getting Bell’s Palsy because of the burn.
81. I am feeling a sense of deja vu in writing 79 and 80 but they don’t seem to be up there in the list
82. I let my teenager pick out my clothes
83. I get lots of compliments on my outfits because of it.
84. I wonder what I am going to do when she leaves home
85. I have a size 11 foot
86. I have the hardest time finding cute shoes that are comfy
87. I have a huge shoe collection while trying to find the cutest and comfiest shoe
88. I have not succeeded in my quest
89. I have trouble sleeping at night
90. My meds are supposed to take care of that but don’t
91. I want to lose 15 pounds
92. I really don’t want to work to lose those 15 pounds
93. I used to smoke a pack of marlboro light 100s everyday
94. If I try to smoke now I puke
95. I miss smoking and if I didn’t puke I would still be smoking
96. I don’t drink
97. I love my mini van
98. I hate my husband’s car (I think because of my love for my mini van)
99. I can’t believe that I am nearly done.
100. Or that you read all 100 things!

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  1. Thanks for sharing!

    and #25- OMG! How could they ASK a kid that?!?!?!

  2. ISn’t this the hardest list ever? I did mine a few weeks ago, and it took me FOREVER to finish…

    Glad you did it though, so we could get to know more about you!

  3. Wow, that was a lot of info. :) Thanks for sharing. I might go do one later one my blog (not the co-blog, the old one that I don’t really use much anymore lol).

  4. Quite an interesting list. I, too, can’t believe your teacher asked that of you.

  5. I read every single one, most of them pretty jaw dropping!
    I am a little awed I think.

  6. Wow – I have learned some of those in the years that we have known each other . . . I too am a bit shocked to hear a few . . . But can relate to the ppd . . scarey place to be with a new baby!! Love you and I am so glad that you took the time to say hello and to become my friend back when our first born kiddos were in 2nd grade soccer . . . wow – Jenna (who was just a few mos old) is in 2nd grade and now the others are freshmen in high school !! Where does the time go . . . God Bless you my friend !!

  7. Thank you for sharing such a personal post. Makes me more courageous in sharing.

    When I looked into the symptoms of fibro, I didn't think I had it, but I do have at times extreme sensitivity to certain sounds. Maybe I will look into it again. Thanks.