This started out as a email to Steph!

I haven’t blogged in a few days, no knitting, lots of photo work and I think we may have the chicken pox here….ugh! Chicken is sick with a fever, but feeling fine otherwise. 4 kids in her class and 3 others in the fourth grade at school have had the pox in the past month. All of the kids have been vaccinated…..ugh! Parents I talk to don’t understand that the vaccination doesn’t prevent the pox, it only lessens the outbreak, if they are exposed to a serious enough strain. I really wish that the peds would “explain” this all to people and not just give them that 2 page leaflet that they will probably just glance through.

So photos in a few….and I will keep you updated on the Chicken and her potential pox!

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  1. Yuck! Awful!

    And I had no idea about the vaccine. Thanks for the info.

  2. Oh no the pox! In the olden days they would paint a big white “X” on you door. D’you think they should still do that to prevent the outbreaks?

  3. Oh no, chicken pox! Good luck, I hope it’s a mild case. Both my kids had the chicken pox, no vaccinations when they were little. It was not fun.

  4. Not the Pox!! I had it in 8th grade and it was awful! Hope Chicken feels better soon!!