The Pox or No Pox…now that is the question

Well, Chicken’s fever finally broke today, well not entirely, but hey 99.2 F is a far cry from 103.9 that she was cruising with for the past day and a half. She says her skin feels weird, but I think the red spots…there are two of them are definetly not the pox. So, bearing her body totally breaking out tonight she is going back to school tomorrow. Which is good because I am getting together with a friend to spin and knit. (Me spin, her knit) She is really toying with the idea of getting a wheel and she really wants to see me spin. I will happily give in to her request.

In other news the dining room floor is stained, we will poly tomorrow and the next day. I am so excited as it looks sooooooo good! (I know that there aren’t that many o’s in so….but sooooo what!)

I will leave you with a freakishly huge California strawberry that I purchased not long ago. That is my hand, I could believe the size of it! Altho it did taste yucky it was cool to look at!

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  1. Glad to hear she’s feeling better, and may I say, wow, that is one big strawberry! :)

    As an aside… is xanzb a word? lol it was my word verification thing. :)

  2. I’m glad your daughter is doing better.

    I sooooooooooo love wooden floors! Show them off when they are done, I would love to see them.