Bloody Friday

Well, Chicken has returned to school today. She was complaining of her allergies bothering her, so I gave her the meds and dropped her off at school since it was raining (slightly) But apparently when you are 10 you melt in the rain, even if they do have a cute umbrella that they couldn’t live without.

I layed back down with hubby as he got in late last night watching the Cavs get beat at his dad’s. (The game ended at 10:30, he didn’t get home til after 1, but I am sure there was grieving going on or something…LOL) So anyways, the phone rings at 9:30. I answer and Chicken is on the other line. “um Mom my nose is bleeding, it won’t stop and my teacher wants you to come and look at it.”

Me….”is it gushing?”

Chicken…”Well, yeah…she told me to call you”

I throw on some jeans, drive quickly to the school thinking I didn’t pack hubbster a lunch and here I am going to have to take her to the peds to have her nose checked out….all these thoughts running thru my head.

I run to the office. Missy says to go check on her in the room. Umm…okay. So I head up the 2 flights of stairs to get there, walk into the classroom and she is holding a tissue with a couple smears of blood on them.

The teacher says very quickly “It was bleeding, longer than I felt comfortable, check her out….it JUST stopped”

I go over, look at her nose. No blood. Then I look at her and say “I think it stopped” I turned to the teacher and said “I am sure she is going to be just fine. Thanks for calling me, if it starts again let me know and I will come and get her. “

It’s been an hour and a half…..I am sure she is fine.

In dining floor news, No poly today, its raining :O(
But my friend is on her way over so I need to get ready to spin!!! Yea!!

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  1. Is she a new teacher? Childless, perhaps? Or panic prone? Does Chicken’s school not have a nurse?


  2. Too funny about Chicken’s nose! Good to hear she’s ok and feeling better, though. Yay for spinning! :)

  3. Love nose bleeds. DQ gets them all the time. Usually at about 2am amid much yelling and demanding I stop the bleeding but not willing to do anything to stop it LOL. Such a fun age! Glad she’s doing better, over the pox etc. Have fun spinning!

  4. You know, # 3 was having a hard time with her allergies on that day, too.

  5. ditto what Cookie said – jeez!

  6. Hey, I’ll trade you. I had a kid who…the other elementary kids were stomping on gopher mounds, and my sweet child tells them that’s not nice to the gophers, and *sticks his hand down the hole to rescue the gopher*!

    Now if you were the gopher, what would you do? Right. Chomp.

    And the school office KNEW about it and decided not to call me. Just a little bite, it’ll heal. They didn’t tell me at all, although they admitted that when I found out anyway. Hello!!? Rabies??!

    Although, the pediatrician decided the gopher had certainly been provoked, even if unjustly in the outcome. No shots.